28 September, 2022, 13:32

Chocolate Mint Day? Candy Holidays Are A Real Thing.

Apparently, today is Chocolate Mint day.

The National Confectioners Association, a group I’m feeling strongly like I need to be a part of, lists it on a page on their site titled Candy Holidays. You can imagine the joy when I also discovered the existence of Chocolate Covered Raisin Day and, lo and behold, Gummi Worm Day, along with many others. There’s even a Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day. I never realized this small subset of distinguished sweets had such strong efforts in lobbying.

How you decide to spend your day celebrating Chocolate Mint Day is up to you, but if you’re into local and ice cream, Tucson’s Isabella’s Ice Cream is a fine place to start.

Any other suggestions?

Adam Lehrman started Tucson Foodie in late 2008 as a way to track his search for the best food Tucson had to offer.