20 October, 2020, 08:39

Earn VIP Tickets to Jackson Tavern Opening Via “Letterboxing” Contest

Beginning October 13 Jackson Tavern will host, “Traveling to the Tavern”, a hunt-contest which will lead up to the restaurant’s grand opening in mid-November.

For those not in the know, Jackson Tavern is the latest concept from Metzger Family Restaurants. The New England style tavern is scheduled to open in the former Red Sky Cafe space at 2900 N. Swan Road in November.

Each Monday, via Facebook and Twitter, Jackson Tavern will reveal a clue for a small object which might have been found in an old-time tavern. Each clue will be hidden in recognizable places around Tucson. Once found, that week’s object must be dropped off at an indicated designated location.

The contest is based upon the traditional English hobby, “letterboxing“, which combines “elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle solving.”

Each week’s winner will receive two tickets to the VIP pre-opening party of Jackson Tavern.

Clues are going to be posted exclusively on the Jackson Tavern Facebook page and Twitter.

Happy hunting!

Jackson Tavern is a Metzger Family Restaurant venture (Poppy Kitchen, Gio Taco, the now closed Jax Kitchen.) Visit them online at jacksontavern.com

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