Tools They Use: Maynards Market & Kitchen Executive Chef Brian Smith

By Jackie Tran
May 9, 2017

Executive chef and UNESCO culinary ambassador Brian Smith reveals his kitchen staples.

Tools They Use takes a look at local food artisans, such as chefs, bakers, brewers, and more with a simple photo displaying their signature items and favorite tools.

Brian Smith is the executive chef at Maynards Market & Kitchen. He has cooked in the kitchens of Acacia Real Food & Cocktails, Coi in San Francisco and McCrady’s in Charleston.

Smith represents not just Tucson, but North America as a culinary ambassador for UNESCO, with Parma, Italy and Belem, Brazil under his belt as UNESCO-endorsed travel locations.

To view one of his kitchen staples, click the tool on the image. Tools displayed in the photo have been explained below.


PolyScience Sous Vide Circulator

"This circulator has been to hell and back. I’ve had it for many years and it has seen lots of use."

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Wooden Spoon

"Everyone’s got to have a wooden spoon in their arsenal."

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Joyce Chen Kitchen Shears

"I will never buy another brand of kitchen shears, these are my favorite and I won’t use anything else."

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Hedley & Bennett Apron

"Comfortable yet super stylish aprons. I say no more."

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Honing Steel

Regular knife maintenance keeps a happy, sharp knife.

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Mini Silicone Spatula

"I like using these spatulas because they are small and can really take the kitchen abuse well."

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Kuhn Rikon Peeler

“These peelers are my favorite. Really cheap so when you lose one you don’t get nearly as angry, but more importantly, they are sharp as can be."

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Himalayan Pink Salt Block

"Salt blocks are fun to plate things on. You can also heat them up to sear things like scallops."

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Truffle Shaver

"What’s better than fresh shaved truffle? You can also use it to shave chocolate."

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Precision Pocket Scale

"These little scales are a must if dealing with derivatives and hydrocolloids."

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Escali 11 lb. Digital Scale

"Escali scales are super solid, I use it for weighing anything and everything."

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Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

"Gray Kunz spoons are really tough, weighted nicely and sauce plates very nicely."

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Mac Paring Knife

"This is by far one of my most favorite tools. This knife is so handy when working on the line during service. Takes up little space."

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Takeda Aogami Super Gyutou 270mm

"This knife is great for cutting fish or doing delicate knife work."

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Cake Tester

"Learned to use a cake tester during my stints in san Francisco, now I never leave home without. My go to tool for temping proteins or other items."

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Maynards Market & Kitchen executive chef Brian Smith (Credit: Jackie Tran)
Maynards Market & Kitchen executive chef Brian Smith (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Misono UX10 Gyutou 210mm

"This knife has been in my bag for nearly 9 years and I still use it everyday. Really strong, super light and sharp."

The updated version of this knife is also a favorite of James Beard award-winning author J. Kenji López-Alt and David Solorzano, chef de cuisine at Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort.

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Assorted Vegetables & Herbs

"Our garden was planted about four months ago. It is all organic and GMO-free. We have a variety of heirloom products from Native Seeds/SEARCH planted including corn, squash, melons, peppers and tons more.

We are using these items in the garden in both our market and our kitchen as well as using the produce for many of our wine dinners and special events.

Myself and our team work closely with Robert Vincent, our resident gardener, to help teach our cooks about heirloom products as well as proper ways of harvesting. We are very excited to bring this amazing garden downtown."

Maynards Market & Kitchen is located at 400 N. Toole Ave. For more information, visit

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