26 September, 2022, 16:08

$38 Prime Rib Dinner for two at The Canyon’s Crown

Nothin’ like a night at the pub.

Especially when it’s Sunday night, you don’t feel like cooking, and a prime rib dinner for two is just $38. But that’s not all. We’re just not fans of run-on sentences. (It’s actually $38.88.)

And even that’s not everything. The dinner, which is certified angus beef prime, also includes a choice of two sides per person and a glass of house wine each. On top of that, it’s your choice of creamed or straight horseradish.

That is all.

If you haven’t spent any time at The Canyon’s Crown, it’s really the only true British pub in Tucson. Others come close, but this place truly nails it. It’s dark, intimate, full of plush red velvet and dark wood, and offers a wide selection of great beer. There’s a handful of televisions if that’s your thing (and really, how could it not be at a British-inspired pub), and the service is stellar.

Eastsiders often complain about a lack of options, but really there are quite a few. We can’t name them all, because, after all, this is an advertorial piece paid for by Canyon’s Crown. In fact, we can’t name any of them. But rest assured, it’s a solid selection and this British pub is by all means one of them.

The Canyon’s Crown is located at 6958 E Tanque Verde Rd. For more prime rib dinner for two information, hours and menu, visit canyonscrown.com.

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