4 December, 2022, 11:29

You Can Make a Difference: Donate Online to Community Food Bank on #AZGivesDay, April 2

An annual day of online giving to make the community a better place.

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona has created an opportunity for you to get involved in making the community a better place.

Tuesday, April 2 or #AZGivesDay is dedicated to online giving to benefit local nonprofits — and you can be part of it by scheduling your donation here.

But why?

The Community Food Bank is thinking ‘big picture’ and aims to end hunger in Arizona.

Throughout the state, in five counties, the Community Food Bank provides emergency food assistance to almost 200,000 people each year. A third of those people are children, whose hunger then negatively affects brain development, behavior, and academic achievement.

The Community Food Bank needs all the help they can get in dealing with the causes of hunger and associated poverty, in order to effectively support those affected.

In addition, they work closely with Caridad Community Kitchen to provide training and job opportunities to those in need. One such program brings in fresh, locally grown food from growers in our area at farmer’s markets and another allows people to grow fresh vegetables for free at Las Milpitas Community Farm.

Tax benefits

If you’re eligible for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you’ll stand a chance to receive a $400 dollar-for-dollar tax credit (individual) or $800 tax credit if married and filing jointly.

Don’t wait, donate

Support your community and make a donation at azgives.org/communityfoodbank.

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