15 December, 2019, 08:50

Win a gift card to Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering — GIVEAWAY CLOSED

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Family owned and operated Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering serves Arizona-style barbecue at 663 S. Plumer Ave.

With their early opening hours, you’re able to get barbecue for breakfast from Wednesday to Saturday (if you so desire) — the Brisket Breakfast Burrito ($6) and Fatty Bagel Sandwich ($5) being the firm favorites before 10 a.m.

Other menu highlights include Brisket; Pulled Pork; Jackfruit; Chipotle Bacon Slaw; Cheesy Mashed Potatoes; Porky’s Tacos (includes one side); Loaded Mac with onions, barbecue sauce, and choice of meat; and Fatties – sausage stuffed with mozzarella and green chiles, served with crackers.

We know you’re drooling (and if you haven’t been to visit already, it’s on our “Guide to 15 Smokin’ Barbecue Restaurants in Tucson” — so check them out).

Want to take $25 off your order?

Bell Ringer Plate at Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Bell Ringer Plate at Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering (Credit: Jackie Tran)


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Let’s… chow down (with our last barbecue giveaway this month)!

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