28 September, 2022, 00:16

Indulgent s’mores-inspired treats to try on National S’mores Day

Where to get your fill of this nostalgic treat on August 10.

Marshmallow. Chocolate. Graham crackers. Fire necessary, camping optional.

An impossibly rich s’more comes down to the marshmallow — roasted over the flame just long enough for it to be gooey in the middle and crisp on the outside. Sandwich that between a crunchy graham cracker with a square of chocolate and you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Whoever thought to first combine chocolate and marshmallows isn’t exactly known, but many will cite a 1927 Girl Scout Guide Book as the first written recipe of a s’more. And while camping was originally thought of as the most ideal way to enjoy s’mores, there are several variations of the tasty treat available around town — no tent needed.

Here’s where to find s’mores-inspired treats that will satisfy your cravings.

Batch Cafe & Bar

118 E. Congress St.

Batch, a downtown bar that specializes in whiskey and doughnuts, makes a campfire s’mores donut that has graham cracker sprinkles and a drizzle of chocolate fudge (and is topped with mini marshmallows). The beautifully presented doughnut has a soft texture and gooey consistency from the marshmallows.

Round out the experience with a glass of whiskey and you’re all set!

For more information, visit batchtucson.com.

Dante’s Fire

2526 E. Grant Rd.

The Adult S’more takes things to the next level!

The dessert consists of a chocolate cake crisp base topped with graham cracker ice cream, a coffee reduction whipped vodka meringue, and is finished with a splash of rum that is lit on fire. The impressive rum flambe gives a nice caramelized glaze to the meringue. You’ll savor every bite.

For more information, visit dantesfireaz.com.

Dutch Bros

1971 Valencia Rd. • 120 S. Wilmot Rd. • 9330 E. Golf Links Rd. • 10105 E. Old Vail Rd. • 18800 S. Nogales Hwy.

Find an irresistible S’mores Mocha drink at Dutch Bros. The creamy iced coffee combines rich flavors like dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut, and brown sugar cinnamon. The result is a cold s’mores drink you can sip on all summer (not that it will last that long).

For more information, visit dutchbros.com.

HUB Restaurant & Creamery

245 E. Congress St.

HUB combines dark chocolate and buttery graham crackers with a marshmallow fluff for their s’mores-flavored ice cream. The s’mores flavor comes through well in the silky consistency of the dessert. More please.

For more information, visit hubdowntown.com/ice-cream.

JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa

3800 W. Starr Pass Blvd.

If you want to keep things traditional, $10 gets you five s’mores around the fire pit at JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort. The plate of make-it-yourself s’mores is available to order in the resort’s Salud lobby lounge.

The graham cracker, chocolate bar, and marshmallow combination is offered to those looking to simply roast marshmallows over a fire with a spectacular desert backdrop.

For more information, visit marriott.com/hotel-restaurants.

Prep & Pastry

6450 E Grant Rd., Ste. 160 • 2660 N. Campbell Ave.

Keep a lookout for the indulgent s’mores French toast that Prep & Pastry offers seasonally. The already eggy and slightly sweet brioche is coated in a generous helping of marshmallow fluff and drizzled in chocolate sauce — now that’s true breakfast decadence.

For more information, visit prepandpastry.com.

Snack Monster

4500 N. Oracle Rd.

Snack Monster stands out with house-made marshmallows and graham crackers. Their s’mores are coated in chocolate and hand-decorated daily.

Keep up with Snack Monster on Facebook.

Notable mentions

Although the following spots are currently closed for the summer, head over when they reopen for the ultimate decadent treats.

Cup Quequitos

110 E. Pennington St. Ste 100

Located inside Cafe Poca Cosa, Cup Quequitos features gourmet vegan cupcakes whipped up by pastry chef Shanali Davila.

Their decadent s’mores cupcake has a chocolate cake base stuffed with vegan marshmallows, cinnamon graham crackers, and chocolate chips. It is then smothered in a creamy chocolate ganache.

Cupcake orders are first come, first serve basis, so we encourage you to place an order at Cafe Poca Cosa before noon of the previous day to ensure you get your fill.

*Please note that Cafe Poca Cosa is closed for summer vacation and will reopen on August 16 – please plan cupcake purchases accordingly!

For more information, visit cupquequitos.com.

Monsoon Chocolate

234 E. 22nd St.

Monsoon Chocolate produces their award-winning chocolate locally. Their s’more treat has a layer of fudgy dark chocolate ganache and a charred marshmallow sandwiched between a graham cake cracker. The marshmallow is perfectly toasted and oh-so gooey.

For more information, visit monsoonchocolate.com.

Where do you plan to get your fill of s’mores treats? Let us know in the comments.

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