Food spread at Just Noodles (Credit: Jackie Tran)

“Just Noodles” Chinese noodle shop now open on Speedway Blvd.

Just Noodles is a new Chinese noodle…

Singapore Style Spicy Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue Burger at Original Cuisine (Credit: Jackie Tran)

“Original Cuisine” Serves Up Spicy Duck Feet, Pig Brains & Other “Asian Fusion”

Original Cuisine isn’t Sichuan cuisine… or is it? At 800 E. Fort Lowell Rd. Ste. 116, a few doors down from…

Ying picking up Spicy Wontons at China Bamboo (Credit: Jackie Tran)

8 Dishes to Order Off China Bamboo’s Impressive New Sichuan Menu

“When I came to study at the U of A, I always eager to bring the authentic Chinese…

Pan Fried Lamb with Cumin, Xian Oil Splashing Noodle, Cucumber with Garlic Sauce, and Tender Beef with Vegetable in Chili Sauce at Fatman Kitchen (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Sichuan, Shaanxi Specialties & House-made Noodles Star at Fatman Kitchen

Chinese food is still growing in an exciting direction in Tucson. With exceptional Hunan, Sichuan, and

Canton Style Pan-Fried Noodles at Asian Spice (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Asian Spice: Exceptional Cantonese Cuisine in Tucson

Getting into the specifics The phrase “authentic” doesn’t mean anything unless the region is specified. For example, if you explained…

Soup, fried rice, tostones, and fried chicken at Asian Sofrito (Credit: Jackie Tran)

“Asian Sofrito” Chinese-Caribbean fusion restaurant now open

What do Puerto Rican mofongo and Chinese char siu have in common? Not much. But you’ll find them on a…

Dandan Noodles at Noodleholics (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Next Level Chinese Cuisine: Navigating the Secret Sichuan Menus of Tucson

While a burger and apple pie might come to mind first when American cuisine is mentioned, the United States…