Grilled Pear & Radicchio at Tito & Pep

In the Spotlight: Local restaurants & chefs recognized nationally in 2022

It’s a real pleasure living in Tucson. The winters aren’t as cold as in eastern states, the city doesn’t…

Photo by Daisy Anderson

Halloween 2022: Spooky food & beverage-themed events in Tucson

It’s time to enjoy this gourd-geous weather with boos, pumpkins, costumes, and more.

(Photo courtesy of Eegee's)

Chicken Tenders are flocking to the Eegee’s menu

When chickens decide to cross the road, they’re obviously trying to get to the other side. Over the years,…


From the Old Pueblo to the Valley: Tucson-based restaurants in Phoenix

In the last few years, Tucson has seen an increase in Phoenix restaurants, regional chains, and even national chains…

Macchiato Buzz at Eegee's

Eegee’s launches its first-ever caffeinated beverage, the ‘Macchiato Buzz’

According to a recent study, the folks in Finland are the world’s biggest consumers of coffee…

eegee's Stranger Things flavor

Netflix & Chill: Eegee’s releases a limited-time flavor inspired by ‘Stranger Things’

The season finale of the Stranger Things series is coming in faster than you can remember your best friend’s…


Eegee’s announces its plans to expand outside of Arizona

It’s a move that oughta get a lot of attention from both sides of the field. Eegee’s, which has been…