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Elemental Cupcake's James-Olivia Hillman with husband Ben Hillman (Credit: Jennifer Rothschild)

Farmers Market Profile: James-Olivia Hillman of Elemental Cupcake & Pickle

James-Olivia Hillman calls out to a market visitor. “Would you like a sample?” When the woman responds that she can’t eat grains,…

Grammy's Tomatoes (Credit: Pedro Romano)

This Week at the Farmers Market: Tomatoes, Garlic, Chia Seed Pudding & Crepes

Summer has officially arrived. While we wait for the monsoons to make their glorious appearance, let’s make the best of…

Crazy Ed's Beef Jerky (Credit: Crazy Ed's)

This Week at the Farmers Market: Summer Squash, White Peaches, Cold Brew Coffee and Beef Jerky

Big sporting events are happening in both basketball and soccer (or futbol depending on your preference) this weekend. Spending…

Randy Houghton, left, with son (Credit: Jennifer Rothschild)

Farmers Market Profile: Randy Houghton of White Cane Sockeye Salmon

Being a fisherman may not make the list of common professions in Tucson, but Randy Houghton has found a…

Poco Loco's Adela Durazo (Credit: Jennifer Rothschild)

Farmers Market Profile: Durazo’s Poco Loco Specialty Salsas

Everyone at the market knows and loves her. Affectionately known as “The Salsa Lady,” if you’ve been to an Heirloom Farmers Market, you are…

Tomato Basil Hamburger

Heirloom Farmers Markets Tomato Basil Festival July 18-19

What Tomato Basil Festival When July 18 and 19, 2015 Where Oro Valley Farmers Market

Heirloom Farmers Market Pavilion at Rillito Park

Tucson’s First Year-Round Farmers Market Pavilion Officially Opens Sunday

If you’re a farmers market junkie, you likely lament the colder months when your favorite market shuts down or…

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