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Steak burrito from Seis Kitchen (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Burrito Bucket List (Vol. 1): 20 Spots To Try In Tucson

It’s not hard to find a burrito in the Old Pueblo. However, it’s too easy to find…

Gio Taco Combo Plate

Metzger Family Restaurants Introduces 20% Discount For Locals

Brian Metzger has a new year’s resolution for 2015: go local. If you’re unfamiliar, Metzger is the restaurateur who brought Tucson The Abbey,…

Free Breakfast Burritos & Champagne at Fed By Threads for Local First Arizona Shopping Sunday

For one hour this Sunday at 10am (that’s tomorrow), Local First Arizona, Gio Taco, and Fed By Threads are…

Table setting at Bite Nite ALS Fundraiser in Tucson

ALS Fundraiser “Bite Nite” Set for September 6th in Tucson

UPDATE: This event has sold out. If you are even remotely tuned into social media you’re probably aware of the

Gio Taco Combo Plate

Downtown Lunch on the Cheap: 9 Bang for Your Buck Dishes

If you work downtown, we’ve got your inexpensive lunch conundrums solved. From grab-and-go to sit down service, these 9 under $10…