19 February, 2020, 05:28

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort executive pastry chef Shelli Soto

Tucson pastry chef Shelli Soto to compete on Food Network’s Halloween Cake-Off

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort executive pastry chef Shelli Soto will compete on Food Network’s

Café a la C'Art (Credit: Jackie Tran)

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Paella at Contigo Latin Kitchen (Credit: Jackie Tran)

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Azul Restaurant & Lounge (Photo coutesy of Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa)

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(Credit: The Manhattan Dolls on Facebook)

Mister Bing’s “The Supper Club Experience” at Hacienda Del Sol (MENU)

The golden age of Hollywood is alive and well in Tucson. Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort…