5 December, 2019, 21:08

hub restaurant & ice creamery

Executive chef Ben Caballero at HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery (Credit: CJ Hamm)

Nine On The Line: Ben Caballero, Executive Chef of Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery

Ben Caballero Jr. is Executive Chef at one of Tucson’s busiest downtown restaurants, Hub Restaurant & Ice Creamery. Growing up, Caballero split…

Fox Theatre (Credit: Tucson Jazz Festival)

Planning To Check Out Tucson Jazz Festival? Here’s Where To Eat Near Each Venue

As the second annual Tucson Jazz Festival kicks off, our thoughts turn to all things jazz. And food, of course. The…

Tour Downtown’s Newest Hot Spots During Tucson Architecture Week 2015

When you think of contributors to Tucson’s growing downtown scene, buzz worthy restaurants, trendy apartment buildings and new office spaces come to…

Ice Cream from HUB Ice Cream Factory (Photo: HUB)

Standalone HUB Ice Cream Factory Set To Open In Early May

Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery will soon be offering its tasty frozen sweets on both sides of East Congress…

Hot Pastrami at Fifth Street Deli & Market (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

7 Killer Spots For A Pastrami Sandwich in Tucson

It recently came to my attention that I didn’t know pastrami as well as I thought. I’ve eaten plenty…