29 November, 2021, 15:08

Penca Restaurante

Cocktails at Penca Restaurante

Scott Avenue Cocktail Corridor: Live music, wine tastings & strong concoctions

Perhaps you are already fond of taking a stroll down Scott Avenue downtown, and you tend to pop your…

Flora's Market Run

10+ Restaurants & drinking spots that recently opened their doors in Tucson

The changing of the season always brings something new to the city, and in the culinary pockets of Tucson,…

Pastor taco at Penca (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Penca Restaurante reopens with a new lineup of seasonal dishes (MENU)

If you’ve wandered around downtown as of late, you may have noticed that the historic area near Scott and…

Penca Restaurante

Penca Restaurante is reopening with an extended patio & new menu items

The doors closed months ago, but Penca Restaurante is ready to share all of the changes they’ve made during…

Tucson food and beverage portrait collage (Photos by Jackie Tran)

2020 Yearbook: 100+ photos of the faces behind Tucson food & drink

Now that it has been a little over four years since I’ve been working for Tucson Foodie, my photo…

Elote pizza at Empire Pizza & Pub (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Guide to 9 creative elote-inspired dishes in Tucson

Everyone seems to remember their first elote experience. Mine was in a suburban part of southern California, where a friend…

Chilaquiles, Encacahuatadas, and Molletes at Penca Restaurante

5 Delightful Dishes to Try from Penca’s New Brunch Menu (PHOTOS)

Chef David Solorzano brings Downtown Tucson a fresh Jalisco-inspired brunch menu—and it’s a feast for your senses. “This is what…