25 November, 2022, 21:47

Tucson Chinese Chorizo Festival

Grilled Pear & Radicchio at Tito & Pep

In the Spotlight: Local restaurants & chefs recognized nationally in 2022

It’s a real pleasure living in Tucson. The winters aren’t as cold as in eastern states, the city doesn’t…

Chinese chorizo (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Chinese Chorizo: Rediscovering a lost piece of Tucson food history

When I found out about the Chinese chorizo, an obscured historic food that originated from a forgotten legacy of…

Plant-based vegan Chinese chorizo and a fried egg (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Foodie Events from Oct. 13-19: Chorizo, chili & chillin’ with wine

Something about the month of October really seems to bring out the best in Tucson. I hope your calendar…

Plant-based vegan Chinese chorizo (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

15+ Restaurants join the very first Tucson Chinese Chorizo Festival

For the very first time, the Tucson Chinese Chorizo Festival is hosting its community-driven event from Friday, October 14…