Zinman’s Food Shop

Pasta Salad at Zinman's Food Shop (Credit: Chelsey Wade)

Meatless Monday: Pasta Salad at Zinman’s Food Shop

Flour provides the backbone for countless comfort food favorites, but it doesn’t get enough love on its own as…

Baked Mac & Cheese at Pastiche (Credit: Shana Gegantoca)

17 Restaurants Offering Discounts to Furloughed Federal Employees

With the longest government shutdown in US history in effect, federal employees across the country have…

B8 and B4 burgers, coleslaw, fresh herb sweet potato fries, veggies, and regular fries at Beaut Burger (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Four 100% vegan restaurants in Tucson (plus two mostly-vegan)

While vegan dish options are expanding throughout Tucson, options for 100%-vegan restaurants are still limited. Thankfully, all of those restaurants…

Zinman's Food Shop (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Visit Zinman’s Food Shop for Global Vegan Cuisine & Freshly Milled Grains

Zinman’s Food Shop, a vegan café with freshly milled grains, is off the beaten path at 111 W. Fourth St. The location,…