27 November, 2022, 08:31

Today Is National Beer Day… Monday Never Sounded So Good

Happy National Beer Day everyone! It’s also National Coffee Cake Day, but we’ll just focus on the beer part for now. You probably didn’t know that April 7th was such a historic day, but thanks to Tucson Foodie, now you do. Beer, behind water and tea, is the third most popular drink overall, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering water is pretty much necessary to live, and well, tea is just sort of there. For those of you who don’t know much about the various types of beer and are just dying to find out more, take a look at Beer 101, from The Brew Bros, to help with any unanswered questions. With so many types of beer like Ales, Stouts, Lagers, etc., Tucson Foodie is sure you’ll find an appropriate way to celebrate this unofficial holiday, but here’s some local breweries to get you started. Happy drinking!

1. Barrio Brewing Co.

Barrio offers a variety of fresh microbrews on tap including their Barrio Blonde (light, crisp beer with a slight malt flavor and just enough Czechoslovakian Saaz hops to balance the malt sweetness), Copperhead Pale Ale (American pale ale with slightly sweet malt and hop flavor, copper-color, medium to full-bodied, medium bitterness, with medium flavor and aroma hopping), and more. Pair any beer with one their menu items like their Beer Sponges (two great big soft pretzels, hot from the oven, served with nuclear beer mustard).

Located at 800 E. 16th St. Tucson, AZ 85719


2. Borderlands Brewing Co.

Borderlands offers all natural beers, like their Las Almas Ale (Belgian style, thick, dark ale), handcrafted in Southwestern style. Using sustainably brewed beers, Barrio allows the community to inspire their recipes and incorporates local ingredients into all of their beers. Choose from the Prickly Pear Wheat (cucumber and melon flavors, light-bodied, and traces of citrus fruit), Santa Rita Amber (rye, caramel malts, lightly roasted barley), and more.

Located at 119 E. Toole Ave. Tucson, AZ 85701

3. Dragoon Brewing Co.

Dragoon offers a large variety of beers that range from year-round to seasonal products. Their two year-round beers include the Dragoon IPA and Stronghold Session Ale, in addition to their seasonal beers including Scout Porter, Saison Blue, Ojo Blanco, and Half Moon Dunkel Weisse.

Located at 1859 W. Grant Rd. #111 Tucson, AZ

4. Nimbus Brewing Co.

Nimbus houses three 150-barrel fermenters holding around 5,000 gallons of beer, making them the largest brewery in Arizona. Here, you can find beers such as their Dirty Guera (Southwestern blonde ale), Old Monkey Shine (English strong ale), Oatmeal Stout, and many more. Nimbus also offers clothing, kegs, glassware, space for events, and more.

Located at 3850 E. 44th St. Tucson, AZ 85713


5. Ten Fifty-Five Brewing

Ten Fifty-Five offers inspired selections of beer that are “meant to be savored, celebrated, and shared with family and friends”. Their brews include the Leap Pale Ale (American pale ale with grapefruit and floral aromas), Lazy Duck (American wheat that is crisp, light, and refreshing), Two Sons Citra (Imperial IPA with heavy tropical citrus aromas and slightly sweet taste), and more.

Located at 3810 E. 44th St. Tucson, AZ

Erica Dombrowski - Tucson Foodie's Spring 2014 Intern