27 November, 2022, 10:03

Who Knew? It’s National Empanada Day!

Today, April 8th, marks National Empanada Day. Empanadas are commonly known as stuffed bread/pastry baked in various countries such as Southern Europe, Latin America, Southwestern United States, and more. Making an empanada consists of folding dough around various types of stuffing (meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, etc.) and can be served hot or cold, whichever you prefer. Empanadas differ by country and can be cooked in various ways and with numerous fillings. Take Spain, for example. Empanadas are usually made from a thin, wheat pastry and are commonly filled with tuna, chorizo, or sardines, although other fillings are welcome. In the Philippines, empanadas are commonly made with ground beef, pork, chicken, potatoes, and chopped onions. But, unless you’re planning on traveling the world anytime soon, here are some locations in Tucson that offer empanadas closer to home…

1. La Estrella Bakery

La Estrella Bakery at Mercado San Agustin offers freshly baked Mexican breads and pastries. With regards to their empanadas, they serve regular size and minis and are made fresh daily.

Located at 5266 S. 12th Ave.

2. Anita Street Market

Anita Street Market offers fresh tortillas, burritos, and more. Daily specials are featured throughout the week including traditional Mexican recipes and, of course, empanadas.

Located at 849 N. Anita Ave.

3. Contigo Cocina Latina

Contigo offers authentic recipes from South America and Spain and serves various styles of empanadas. Their savory pastries are filled with a choice of beef, vegetables (roasted corn, black beans, etc.), potato, and more.

Located at 1745 E. River Rd.

Some Tasteful Empanada Recipes


Erica Dombrowski - Tucson Foodie's Spring 2014 Intern