Food Truck Finds: Hot Trucks & Roundups May 2 – 8

A scrumptious superfruit sorbet, fabulous frankfurters, and Latin fusion dishes with a funky flair. That’s what’s on our food truck menu this week in Tucson.

Purple Tree Organic Açai Blends

Acai Blend from Purple Tree in Tucson (Photo credit: Purple Tree)

Acai Blend from Purple Tree in Tucson (Photo credit: Purple Tree)

It’s pronounced ah-sah-EE and it’s a dark purple berry from South America touted for its health benefits. You don’t have to be a health nut to try the açai berry, either. This tasty tropical wonder is an all-star delight.

  • Best Seller: Try the multiberry blend in an Açai Bowl for breakfast. Imagine a refreshing scoop of fruit sorbet or frozen smoothie, topped with crunchy organic granola, sliced fresh strawberries, banana wheels, coconut shavings, and honey.
  • Recommended: Be bold and order a Citrus Boost Smoothie. Orange, mango and banana combine for the perfect picker upper and, if you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be amazed at how good almond milk tastes.
  • Where to Find: Drop by the U of A’s Main Gate Square, 814 E University Blvd, and the West Campus of Pima Community College on selected days.

For more information, visit Purple Tree Organic Açai Blends on Facebook

You Sly Dog

You Sly Dog Chicago Dog (Credit: Kim Bayne)

You Sly Dog Chicago Dog (Credit: Kim Bayne)

It’s a tiny little kitchen, housed in a red and white International Harvester Metro Van, and You Sly Dog manages to attract crowds to its window where ever it goes. What’s the grub, you ask? Hot dogs, of course.

  • Best Seller: The Big Chicago is the “go to” dog for newcomers. It features a premium beef hot dog, sweet relish, spicy dill pickle, diced white onion, diced Roma tomatoes, celery salt, yellow mustard and two pickled sport peppers. Are you drooling yet?
  • Recommended: Culinary show offs should order the El Diablo. It’s got a red hot linked sausage that’s topped with fresh tomato, red onion, jalapeno salsa, ketchup and yellow mustard.
  • Where to Find: Your best bet is to visit a local school food truck round-up. You Sly Dog is a regular at these and large community events.

For more information, visit You Sly Dog on Facebook.

Gigi’s Mexican Peruvian Fusion

Barbacoa Melt (Credit: Gigi's)

Barbacoa Melt (Credit: Gigi’s)

One of the most popular food trucks in the Tucson area, Gigi’s is constantly revising its menu. Fans will always find something new and delicious to enjoy, whether it’s time-honored carne asada or Latin-fusion tortas.

  • Best Seller: The Barbacoa Melt is definitely a winner. The oh-so-tender beef is heavenly with its melted Monterrey cheese and gravy on French bread. Watch out! Your lunch buddies will sneak a crispy fry or two off the side.
  • Recommended: Dare I say it? Try the Donut Bacon Burger. It’s hilariously decadent. You know you want it.
  • Where to Find: If you’re a Raytheon or UA TechPark employee, you’ll see Gigi’s at lunch more than a few times. Or check out the neon green truck at the Residence Inn Tucson Airport and selected school round-ups.

For more information, visit Gigi’s Mexican Peruvian Fusion on Facebook.

Food Truck Gatherings May 2 – 8

  • Tuesday, May 3 at 5:00 p.m.
    • Rancho Sahuarita 1st Tuesdays at 15455 S Camino Lago Azul, Sahuarita. Confirmed: Big Bad Wolf, BBQ Rush, Taco’Queta Mexican Food, Pin Up Pastries, Bugaloo’s Ice Cream, Gigis Peruvian/Mexican Fusion, Vina Baguette Vietnamese Sandwiches, Fat Noodle, Sonoran Mexican Cuisine, DC Jumbie Latin Caribbean, Don Pedro’s Peruvian Bistro, King Kettle Corn, Crush Gourmet Raspados, and Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice.
  • Wednesday, May 4 at 11:00 a.m.
    • Garmin at 1705 S. Research Loop, Tucson. Confirmed: Jackie’s Food Court.
  • Thursday, May 5 at 11:00 a.m.
    • Banner Medical at 2701 E Elvira Rd, Tucson. Confirmed: Meatball Madness.
  • Friday, May 6 at 8:00 a.m.
    • First Friday Family Fun Days at the Sunday Farmers Market, Rillito Park, 4502 N. 1st Ave., Tucson. Confirmed: Veg In a Box and Purple Tree Organic Açai Blends.
  • Saturday, May 7 at 12:00 p.m.
    • Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center, 1288 W. River Rd., Tucson. Confirmed: Purple Tree Organic Açai Blends, Nhu Lan Vietnamese, Gigi’s Mexican Peruvian Fusion, Solid Grandz, Fat Noodle, and The Mobile Bistro.

Kim M. Bayne is a freelance writer/editor, social media producer, and former food truck correspondent for Food Network's Eat St. (TV Show) blog. Find Kim via her project Street Food Files on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.