30 November, 2022, 21:44

Foodie Author & Writer Gustavo Arellano to speak in Tucson

Two opportunities to catch the award-winning writer.

Author and writer, Gustavo Arellano, is headed to town for appearances at both Tucson Meet Yourself and Film Fest Tucson on Friday, October 11.

Arellano’s been at it for years after spending time as an essayist and reporter for several publications. Currently, he writes featured articles for the Los Angeles Times.

You might be familiar with the Arellano creation, “¡Ask a Mexican!” which is published nationally and focuses on answering questions about Mexican culture.

Tucson Meet Yourself 

During his visit to the Old Pueblo, you’ll have the opportunity to catch Arellano’s  “Back to the Futuro: The Unlikely Return of Sonoran Cuisine in Los Angeles” talk during downtown’s Tucson Meet Yourself. If you weren’t already planning on taking in all of the scents and flavors of the local cuisine during the event, then this may encourage you to make plans now.

Film Fest Tucson

Afterwards, Arellano will speak and kick off Film Fest Tucson’s viewing of the documentary El Otro Tucson. The film was the winner of the “Un Taco de Ojo de Tucson” contest. You can catch him at 6:30 p.m. on the north lawn of the Children’s Museum Tucson for the free outdoor screening.

For more information on  the whereabouts of Tucson Meet Yourself, visit tucsonmeetyourself.org and visit filmfesttucson.com for more information on movie times.

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