Beef and Lamb Sliders at Arizona Inn (Photo credit: Mark Whittaker)

Where Linda Ronstadt Likes to Eat in Tucson

February 2, 2024
By Matt Sterner

Grammy Award-winning singer Linda Ronstadt, possibly the most celebrated personality hailing from Tucson, recently shared her favorite local spots in the city during an interview with the New York Times. Of course, her list includes where she enjoys eating in Tucson.

When it comes to Don Guerra of Barrio Bread, he’s one of the first people she sees.

“I always go there straight from the airport,” Ronstadt told the New York Times. She used to bake her bread years ago and the loaf pictured on the back of the “Feels Like Home” album is one of her own.

a picture of many loaves of bread on a wire shelf
Barrio Bread (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

When it comes to what Guerra’s doing at Barrio Bread at 18 S. Eastbourne Ave., she admires the heritage grains he uses. Her go-to order is the Cubano with sesame seeds.

A couple of years ago, Guerra received the James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker. Read all about it in our 2022 article.

Since her grandfather’s arrival from Mexico in 1882, the Ronstadts have played a significant role in shaping the Tucson music scene, contributing to the founding of the Club Filarmónico Tucsonense civic band. The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall, formerly known as the Tucson Music Hall, stands as a symbol of the family’s rich cultural legacy, officially renamed in May 2022.

Audubon Bar & Patio at Arizona Inn (Photo by Mark Whittaker)

Another spot Ronstadt loves to visit is the Arizona Inn on 2200 E. Elm St. — she said that it’s her “favorite hotel in the world.”In the interview, she shared that she has been going to celebrations there since she was a kid and her favorite things about the Arizona Inn are the fireplace, the native landscaping, and the Audubon Bar & Patio.

The family-owned establishment first opened its doors in 1930. Check out our 2022 article to learn more.

Mission Garden (Photo by Jackie Tran)

Mission Garden is a must-visit for Ronstadt, too, over at 946 W. Mission Ln. If you’ve yet to visit the Garden, it’s known as a vibrant agricultural museum, showcasing heritage fruit trees adapted to the Sonoran Desert, alongside traditional local heirloom crops and edible native plants. In the past, Mission Garden has held events like 2023’s LUNATION and Garlic Festivals where Don Guerra made 50 loaves of garlic bread.

“I love going over there to get a mouthful of something fresh,” Ronstadt told the New York Times.

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