PARCH x Daybreaker Revitalizing Tea Elixir (Photo courtesy of PARCH)

Parch Teams up With Daybreaker for a Non-Alcoholic Tea Elixir

June 15, 2024
By Matt Sterner

Daybreaker, the global pioneer in sober morning dance parties, recently announced the launch of its new partnership with PARCH — the local mocktail company that’s making national headlines.

They’ve teamed up to debut the PARCH x Daybreaker Revitalizing Tea Elixir.

The new drink, inspired by ancient Yaupon tea rituals and herbal traditions, is designed to enhance energy, focus, and overall well-being. Daybreaker states that it’s a perfect alignment with its “ethos of fostering community and joy through wellness.”

Radha Agrawal, co-founder of Daybreaker, has always dreamed of creating a beverage that would go beyond the typical cocktail. She envisioned a drink that not only revitalizes but also embodies the unique spirit of Daybreaker.

“We wanted to craft a drink that was more than just another cocktail,” said Agrawal. “The PARCH team and their resident herbalist Sophie Cozine were inspired by my brief/vision to create a Revitalizing Tea Elixir that celebrates both my cultural heritage and our joint mission to promote wellness through natural plant-based ingredients.”

You can purchase the PARCH x Daybreaker Revitalizing Tea Elixir online as a four-pack or eight-pack. The beverage was sold out for a while but is back in stock online (for the time being).

Agave Cocktails Minus the Alcohol

Last summer, the founders of PARCH, Rodolfo Aldana and Ila Byrne, won a $20,000 grant and six-month mentorship with the Greenhouse Accelerator program. 2023 was the first year the Greenhouse Accelerator program has focused on Latino-owned businesses.

“Parch was built with inclusion and community at its core,” said Byrne. “Our mission is to ensure that every adult can enjoy great tasting, carefully crafted beverages that never feel like a compromise to your values, health, or the planet.”

a table topped with plates of food on a plate
(Photo courtesy of PARCH)

If you haven’t had a chance to taste one of PARCH’s beverages, the non-alcoholic agave cocktails are infused with desert botanicals and adaptogens. A lot of the research and development of the drinks have taken place at Mission Garden.

You can find PATCH non-alcoholic mocktails at local spots in town like Hotel McCoy, 5 Points Market & Restaurant, WestboundChoice & Co., Mission Garden, and Flora’s Market Run.

More About Daybreaker

Daybreaker is a global movement of more than 800,000 spirited individuals breaking the day with dance, energy, and joy across 33 cities worldwide. Daybreaker aims to eliminate loneliness and instill collective joy through dance, play, and connection.

From its humble beginnings in NYC to its current global presence, Daybreaker continues to grow, reflecting its core values of wellness, camaraderie, self-expression, mindfulness, and mischief. As a minority woman-owned business, Daybreaker champions inclusivity, ensuring a multigenerational dance floor open to all.

For more information about PARCH and Daybreaker, visit and

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