Shark Week-Themed Cocktails, Beer & More in Tucson

July 9, 2024
By Matt Sterner

Shark Week! It’s here and tons of people tune in to the Discovery Channel to learn about sharks, overcome thalassophobia (their fear of the ocean), get their daily dose of John Cena, and witness shark attacks.

You know, shark attacks aren’t very common at all — you’re 15 times more likely to croak by a falling coconut than a shark attack.

Here in Tucson, though, it’s likely you’ll find somewhere to watch Shark Week. The televised event is happening now until Saturday, July 13 and a few local businesses are celebrating by offering shark-themed cocktails, teas, beer specials, and more.

Also, if you’re in the mood to channel your inner shark and chomp down on some seafood, check out our fish tacos guide or fish and chips guide.

311 E. Congress St.

The majestic midtown dive bar is offering the following shark-themed shots and drinks. Head in there before the end of the day on Saturday, July 13 to see what these drinks specials are made of.

  • Shark Bite Shot ($5)
  • Shark Attack ($6)
  • Shark on the Beach ($6)
  • Shark Bait ($6)

Learn more.

2905 E. Speedway Blvd.

If you search the deep dwellings of Casa Video’s beer fridges, you’ll find at least one shark-themed beer (it’s called Swimming Circles from Vitamin Sea Brewing). Dive even deeper into the bar/video store and you’ll find plenty of scary shark movies to take home — “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” “The Meg,” the “Sharknado” franchise, etc.

Learn more.

311 E. Congress St.

Tiger’s Tap Room inside Hotel Congress is offering the following cocktail specials:

  • Tiger ($15) – Bourbon, Velvet Falernum, lemongrass, and lime
  • Blue Pointer ($15) – Thyme-infused green tea, white rum, passion fruit liqueur, lemon, lime, pineapple, and whole milk clarified

This cocktail will be available at The Century Room:

  • Great White ($15) – Spice rum, macadamia, lime, honey, vermouth, blue spirulina, and egg white

Learn more.

266 Congress St.

This week, the downtown restaurant has two specials to sink your teeth into.

• $10 Blue Hawaiian Cocktail topped with (blood) grenadine🩸
• $14 Cod Fish Tacos 

Learn more.

112 S. Camino Seco

The east side sports bar is serving $5 Landshak lagers throughout July. Get on in there during Shark Week to make it extra special.

Learn more.

943 E. University Blvd. #165 • 308 E. Congress St. • 6612 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

The local tea shop is serving the Shark Attack — a Shark Week-themed tea for a limited time. “Dive into the deep blue sea” and grab this concoction before it swims away.

Learn more.

9155 E. Tanque Verde Rd. #177
(Photo courtesy of Ziggy’s)

Ziggy’s, the new sports bar and restaurant that moved into the former FireTruck Brewing spot out on Tanque Verde Road, has a Shark Week you need to check out. It has everything you want in a shark-themed drink — plenty of blood (fake blood, of course), tropical flavors, and a little toy shark.

Learn more.

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