6 December, 2019, 07:02

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Taco Yaqui at Aqui con el Nene (Credit: Jackie Tran)

#WeeklyDish (No. 33): Taco Yaqui at Aqui Con El Nene

Simple street tacos with cilantro, onion, and lime are enough for nirvana. Inconspicuous taco truck and tent Aqui Con…

Chorizo breakfast burrito at Paco's Mexican Food (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Ultimate Burrito Bucket List: 31 to try in Tucson

Although burrito literally translates to little donkey, we’re talking about food wrapped with a flour tortilla in a cylinder here….

Percheron grilled burrito at La Botana Tacos + Patios + Amigos (Credit: Jackie Tran)

9 of the best burritos in Tucson

Choosing a favorite burrito in Tucson is like choosing a favorite child — if you had 300 children. After racking…

Taco Rasurado and Taco Hass at Tacos Apson (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Tucson Taco Tour Master Map & Gallery: 5 Tours for 22 Tacos

If you had to spend a year away from Tucson, what would you miss the most? While “friends, family, and…

All the tacos from Carniceria los Vaqueros (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Visual guide to over 30 different types of tacos in Tucson

In the Sonoran Desert, the combination of cattle ranching history and naturally abundant mesquite wood created a land of…

Sonoran hot dogs at El Guero Canelo

After 4 days of Sonoran dogs, here’s our winner…

Last week, Tucson Foodie readers voted for the best Sonoran hot dog in Tucson. That was round one…

Super Chipilones Sonoran hot dogs at El Perro Loco (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Round 1 votes are in! Here are our readers’ top 4 spots for the best Sonoran Dog

With everything going on in the world today, it’s important that the critical issues that plague our community are…