July 23 @ 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Behind the Butcher Counter: Chorizo Fiesta: Red & Green Delights with Chef/Butcher Brett Sippy. Cost: $80.00 per person.

Chorizo, where vibrant flavors take flight, are on the menu for this month’s hands-on class, learning the secrets to seasoning and techniques that bring out the best in these spicy delicacies.

You’ll make and take home 2 pounds – one pound of each – ready to cook; in class you’ll press your own corn tortillas and make chorizo/cheese quesadillas with fruit pico de gallo. Whether you’re a chorizo connoisseur or a curious cook, this class promises a sizzling experience that will make your palate dance. Spice up your skills and savor the satisfaction of homemade chorizo! 

Red chorizo’s roots are from the Iberian Peninsula; our beef version takes its influence from the Sonoran Frontera. Garlic, chilis, cumin, and paprika, which gives it its signature red hue, provide robust flavor. It’s evolved from primitive preservation methods to become a staple in Spanish and Mexican cuisine, celebrated for its versatility in dishes from tapas to stews.

Green chorizo, a vibrant twist on the traditional Mexican sausage, combines the rich flavors of pork with the fresh zest of green herbs, tomatillos, chilies, and spinach to enhance its color and flavor. Originating from Toluca, Mexico, whether grilled, crumbled into tacos, or served alongside eggs, green chorizo is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of Mexican cuisine.