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Here are the requirements:

  • Related to food or drink. This means food or beverage must be the focus. Use your best judgement.
  • Regionally specific. The event must be in or around Tucson, or something that might be of interest to Tucsonans.
  • At least one week out. If your event is tomorrow, chances are we won’t be able to feature it.

Additionally, the following helps us out even more:

  • A relevant hi-res image (at least 960 pixels wide).
  • A press release
  • All pertinent info, including event name, date and time, location (with address), contact name, number, and email, price(s), and link for more info.

Notice: Even if your event meets all of our requirements, we still may not feature it. This is based on a number of deciding factors including, but not limited to: editorial lineup for the day and week, frequency of similar events, and overall uniqueness (or lack thereof).

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