Tucson Beekeeper Noel Patterson Gets Shout-Out from NY Times

The New York Times Travel posted a Q. and A. article on Wednesday, May 24 with Noel Patterson, resident beekeeper at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson.

In the interview, Patterson discusses his background in beekeeping along with the importance of bees in ecosystems.

Beehives at hotels increase the overall bee population in the area and can play a major role in combating colony collapse. They play an integral role in the development of the food we eat and the natural habitats we explore.

To learn more about Patterson, check out our previous article on him — A Taste of Place: Three Local Beekeepers Talk Honey “Terroir”.

Read the New York Times article in full here: For a Hotel Beekeeper, Honey Is Just the Beginning

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