Sentinel Peak Brewing and Borderlands to form “Voltron Brewing Company” downtown

Tucson breweries Sentinel Peak Brewing Company and Borderlands Brewing Co. announced in a press release Monday that they have joined forces to form a separate new brewery downtown, Voltron Brewing Company.

Since demand for beer from both breweries have exceeded their current production capacities, the two breweries will share a location at 330 S. Toole Ave. near rock climbing facility Rocks and Ropes Downtown.

By entering a “cooperative agreement,” both companies streamline the overall efficiency of each brewery by increasing production, reducing costs, and eliminate duplication of equipment, materials, and utilities. This type of cooperative agreement is a first for Southern Arizona.

Construction is expected to be complete in the next five to six months. The brewery will begin as a production-only facility, then eventually include a taproom.

Both Sentinel Peak and Borderlands will resume business as usual at their existing breweries even after Voltron is complete.

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