29 November, 2021, 01:54

Green Feet Brewing: 3 Years Serving Those Who Serve

The brewery honors service units with balanced beers & community mindset.

Scott “Petey” Petersen and his wife, Jen Petersen, are the founders, owners, and the bulk of the staff running Green Feet Brewing, which opened over Memorial Day weekend of 2016.

Jen handles the design of the brewery, their social media pages, and keeping Petey “in check,” according to the man himself.

Petey, who works as a full-time government contractor, makes the beer, serves it up behind the bar, and is a true example of how to turn a passion for home brewing into sellable, reputable products.

In honor of the combat rescue units in the U.S. military

Green Feet Brewing’s name honors the combat rescue units in the U.S. military; the green feet that compose the logo for the brewery are also the unofficial symbol for combat rescue units.

Petey flew for 18.5 years — out of his 28.5 years of service — in combat rescue and Jen still serves in a combat rescue unit.

Military roots run deep

When opening the brewery, the Petersen’s wanted to commemorate that which has been such a significant part of their lives as individuals and as a collective.

The brewery is small, family-run, and has military roots that branch from Petey and Jen’s combat rescue service into all reaches of military and public service around Tucson.

Green Feet Brewing facade (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Green Feet Brewing facade (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Green Feet Brewing also supports other veteran-owned businesses. Products from both Black Rifle Coffee Company and Rescue Roasters can be found in the brewery and are occasionally incorporated into the Green Feet brews.

The mission: balance

Their mission is simple and straightforward. Petey wants to see enough revenue come in to be able to support his family and whoever else works at the brewery, with a comfortable wage so people want to work and stay there.

Petey decisively stated, “I don’t want to get so big that that gets lost, and I don’t want to be tiny forever.” Not only do Green Feet Brewing’s mission and vision seek balance, but Petey also brews to incorporate a balance within the flavor profiles of his beers.

Notable mentions

The beers I tried were truly that . . . balanced! The tall chalkboard menu showcases the brewery’s ability to work within any style.

Inbound All Mosaic IPA has a plush, amber-red hue and notes of a soft maltiness symmetrically balanced with the Mosaic hops, which carry a complex mix of tropical notes with a hop-forward presence. This IPA registers as an 84 on the IBU (International Bitterness Units) scale and has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) measurement of 7.1 percent.

Rendezvous Rye is a rye pale ale with esters of winter-smelling spices, brown sugar, smooth, sweet caramel notes on the tongue, and a deep and full golden-molasses color. It carries a mellow 42 IBUs and has a 6.2% ABV measurement.

FC Hefe is a traditional German-style hefeweizen. After making some tweaks to the yeast, Petey has found a flavor profile reminiscent of the original German style equalized with enough individualism in the pucker-up citrus flavors to know it is a Green Feet Brewing beer.

This easy-drinking hefeweizen has American and German customers alike asking Petey to continue making it. FC Hefe balances 12 IBUs with an ABV measurement of 5.1 percent. It has a welcoming and bright yellow profile capable of cooling down the warm Tucson afternoons.

Scott Petersen pouring beer at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Scott Petersen pouring beer at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran

Appalachian trail milestones inspire themed beers

At the time of my interview with Petey, Jen was over 300 miles into a hike on the world-renowned Appalachian Trail.

As she progresses through the nearly 2,200-mile trail, Petey has been releasing themed beers to coincide with the milestones she passes along the way.

Petey and the Green Feet Brewing regulars are tracking her progress on a map in the brewery in anticipation of her completing this astonishing feat, which she started on February 18, 2019.

Community is celebrated

Community is clearly a key element within the guild of brewers in Tucson.

When the Petersen’s were starting the brewery, other brewers around town chimed in and helped out in their opening process. The message is clear: help others when the opportunity comes along.

Petey feels that the more breweries we have, “the better it is going to be for the consumer in town.” Having a versatile range of products allows consumers to reach out to different areas of Tucson in order to find something that fits their flavor palate.

Scott Petersen pouring beer at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Scott Petersen pouring beer at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Find their beer around town

Although Green Feet Brewing is on the physical periphery of Tucson breweries, Petey feels that their location off 44th and Dodge has no interference with the amount of business they receive.

Along with the strong military crowd regularly visiting the brewery, Green Feet Brewing distributes beer to Trident Grill III, Arizona Beer House, Kingfisher, Hotel McCoy, Independent Distillery, and many other restaurants and bars around town.

Expansion in the works

Green Feet Brewing is currently upgrading their capacity; having launched with a three-barrel system, the brewery is increasing that number to 10 barrels, giving them the ability to brew at a rate that will triple their production.

This expansion will take place in their humble self-made brewery where an industrial layout meets the ingenuity of a DIY enthusiast.

Jen made the tables from wood and sawhorses, the walls are riveted by hand, and the décor nods to the substantial military presence that populates the brewery.

Interior at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Interior at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Unique, flavorful, and friendly

For the Petersen’s, it’s all about the community. Having a chance to try Green Feet beers and learn about the brewery and its owners was an honor and a privilege.

To continually see the relationships built among Tucson brewers is something that will continue to keep the Tucson beer scene unique, flavorful, and friendly.

Location and operating hours

Green Feet Brewing is located at 3669 E. 44th St. From 4 – 8 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and from 2 – 8 p.m. on Saturday, try the beers yourself.

Keep up with Green Feet Brewing on Facebook.

Jake O’Rourke is a Tucson native, writer, editor, and musician. He enjoys tasting his way through Tucson’s copious food and craft beer options, listening to live music, and writing about the experiences he has within these endeavors.