Local Breweries release new beers for the “Black is Beautiful” initiative

Brewers are coming together to support the “Black is Beautiful” campaign, which shines a light on the brewing community as an “inclusive place for everyone of any color.”

It’s an initiative happening all around the nation, but locally, everyone can show their support by purchasing “Black Is Beautiful” beers from Ten55 Brewing Company and Pueblo Vida Brewing Company.

On top of being able to try the new beers, both of the breweries will be donating 100 percent of their proceeds to the Tucson chapter of the NAACP.

Pueblo Vida Brewing Company’s Beer

Pueblo Vida Brewing is currently offering its Black Is Beautiful Imperial Black IPA, which is brewed with Proximity 2-Row base malt, dextrin malt, black malt, chocolate wheat, and then dry-hopped with Galaxy, Ella, Amarillo.


Ten55 Brewing Company’s Beer

Ten55 Brewing has brewed up a Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout. It’s a “full-bodied imperial stout with a complex palate of bitter chocolate, subtle sweet dark fruit, and dry roasted coffee.”

“We proudly stand with our craft brewing peers to collaborate and promote equality and inclusion for all people of color,” said Patrick Heacock, brewer at Ten55 Brewing Company. “Proceeds from the sale of this beer will go to The NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund to advance the promise of equality and justice.”

Ten55 Brewing Company's "Black is Beautiful" Imperial Stout

Photo courtesy of Ten55 Brewing Company on Facebook

Right now, more than 1000 breweries are participating. It all got started by Weathered Souls Brewing Company from San Antonio, Texas, and continues to bubble over into all 50 states.

Words of advice: Pick up a few cans of beers before they’re gone.

Pueblo Vida Brewing Company is located at 115 E. Broadway Blvd. For more information, visit pueblovidabrewing.com. Ten55 Brewing Company is located at 110 E. Congress St. For more information, visit 1055brewing.com.

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