27 November, 2022, 09:15

$2 ice cream cones for students in August at The Screamery

Going “back to school” has different meanings for every student. To some, it’s getting that new backpack or pair of sneakers, and to others it’s getting to mingle with classmates you’ve never met before or haven’t seen in a while.

This year is a little different and The Screamery is hoping to ease students into the school year with $2 ice cream cones throughout the month of August.

The Screamery

Photo courtesy of The Screamery on Facebook

All students can grab a cone for $2 from noon – 5 p.m. at any of the four Tucson locations.

There are plenty of unique flavors to savor, too, so let your student take a break from their computer screens and order something new, or perhaps something simple like Gilbert Gottfried’s favoriteplain ol’ chocolate.

The ice cream shops are also taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe, as well as offering pick-up and delivery options. Ice cream lovers are required to wear a face mask when stopping by, too.

The Screamery has four Tucson locations. For more information, visit thescreamery.com.

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