The Independent Distillery permanently closes its doors downtown

"Tucson is our home and we have been humbled by all the support through the last decade."

Another local business is saying adios.

After months of being temporarily shut down, The Independent Distillery has decided to keep its doors permanently closed on 30 S. Arizona Ave.

“In 2015, after five years of planning, we took the plunge and opened,” The Independent Distillery posted on Facebook. “Anyone who ever stepped foot inside knew it was special. We faced tons of unexpected challenges along the way, for sure, and we had finally succeeded in moving past several obstacles, which seemed to always be strategically placed in the way of our growth when COVID-19 struck.”

Independent Distillery (Photo Credit: Sarah Pelfini)

Independent Distillery (Photo Credit: Sarah Pelfini)

The distillery also posted that it fought hard to keep the doors open, but after months without revenue, forced closures, and new guidelines that included a lower occupancy number, it “didn’t make financial sense to reopen.”

“As we close this dream of ours, we encourage all of you, our friends, to reach out to other locally owned businesses before it’s too late and stop in, buy a beer, some food, a gift card to be used sometime in the future when the dust has settled.”

Founder and CEO Don Northrup began working on The Independent Distillery about a decade ago and opened the large barn doors downtown back in 2015.

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