1 October, 2022, 18:48

Caffé Milano closes its doors after years in business

"Our adventure comes to an end."

After being temporarily closed throughout most of the year, “The Fufi” Caffe’ Milano has officially decided to shut down after years in business.

Back in November, Caffé Milano decided to sell its wine collection because of a potential closure of the restaurant, which was due to a “block of their visa” — keeping them stationary in Italy until further notice.

Facade at Caffe Milano

Facade at Caffe Milano (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Now, they’ve made the very difficult decision to close for good.

“We were forced to do this by a bureaucracy that forced us to return to Italy, effectively preventing us from going back,” Caffé Milano said in a statement. “We would have liked to get up with all our strength and try to continue this work experience (but above all life) in Tucson — despite the difficulties — these years have been tiring but beautiful.”

Additionally, Chef “La Fufi” Fulvia Steffenone and her husband Alfredo, who had operated the restaurant for the last seven years, wish everyone their health and peace this holiday season, and for the continued support that the restaurant received over the years.

“For us, the restaurant was not just a moment of distributing food, but above all a meeting with each of you — with your families. In many cases, where a simple but sincere friendship was born, also with your pains, your hopes, your various visions of life.”

Chef Fulvia Steffenone "La Fufi" at Caffe Milano (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Chef Fulvia Steffenone “La Fufi” at Caffe Milano (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Caffé Milano is located at 46 W. Congress St. To keep up with any news or changes, follow them on Facebook.

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