Big Game Grilling: Super Bowl Butcher Boxes from Commoner & Co.

To some, the “big game” is all about athleticism, others look forward to the commercials, but nearly everyone can’t wait to sink their teeth into various snacks, tasty bites, and honestly what’s ever put onto their plate.

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Even if you don’t plan on watching the Super Bowl, Commoner & Co. has dinner covered with three signature butcher boxes that can be prepared in your kitchen or on the grill.

“Gameday and grilling go hand in hand, and it was our goal to give our customers a helping hand in making the most out of football’s biggest day,” said chef Kyle Nottingham. “We all love to cook and to grill, and we’ve checked a box on everybody’s gameday plan by taking the hassle out of shopping.”

Commoner and Co.

Photo courtesy of Commoner and Co.

With that being said, Commoner & Co. teamed up with its newest sister concept Flora’s Market Run to create these assortments of flavors and proteins — coined as the Essential, Best, and Ultimate.

“Our butcher boxes serve up some great foods from the land and sea that render beautifully over the fire, and we’ll leave the rest to our guests as they add their own unique touches.”

Super Bowl Butcher Boxes

  • The Essential Box ($35, feeds up to 8) – Includes four eight-ounce, house-seasoned chuck burger patties, four bratwursts made with beer, caraway seed, and mustard, and two marinated and seasoned shrimp skewers
  • The Best Box ($75, feeds up to 6) – Includes two 12-14 ounce T-bone steaks, four bratwursts made with beer, caraway seed, and mustard, and four marinated and seasoned shrimp skewers
  • The Ultimate Box ($100, feeds up to 8) – Includes two 16-ounce porterhouse steaks, four bratwursts made with beer, caraway seed, and mustard, four marinated and seasoned shrimp skewers, and two seven-ounce salmon filets individually wrapped on cedar wood planks

Additionally, all of the boxes’ proteins are packaged raw with detailed grilling instructions.

If you’re thinking about diving into one of these boxes, pre-orders must be received by 9 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3, with a. pick-up time scheduled between 4 – 9 p.m. on Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6.

Feel free to bust out your best moves once you’ve completed your order.

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Commoner & Co. is located at 6960 E. Sunrise Dr. To order a Super Bowl Butcher Box, call (520) 257-1177. For more information, visit

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