21 January, 2022, 12:16

Food Conspiracy Co-op celebrates 50 years on Fourth Avenue

The organic food health products store has experienced a lot over the years — several street fairs, new businesses moving in and out, and currently, a pandemic that’s allowed changes to the way customers shop.

Food Conspiracy Co-op has plenty of reasons to celebrate its 50th anniversary on Fourth Avenue, and with the milestone comes new purchasable items, sales, and a beer collaboration.

Food Conspiracy Co-op

Photo courtesy of Historic Fourth Avenue on Facebook

Here’s to 50 more years

The anniversary celebration is happening now until Sunday, February 28.

The crew is pumped to unveil their new Power Veggies, share store coupons, and show off their new stickers. Plus, the vintage Power Veggie merch is on sale, and it wouldn’t be a celebration without cake.

Food Conspiracy Co-op

Photo courtesy of Food Conspiracy Co-op on Facebook

Big project in the works

In order to commemorate its 50th anniversary in style, Food Conspiracy Co-op is working on a project that’s been in the minds of the owners for quite some time.

This project is called the East Entrance Project and it’ll introduce an entrance to the rear side of the store, incorporating an “integrated campus design to our properties with intentional green spaces and increased parking.”

Food Conspiracy Co-op

East Entrance Project (Photo courtesy of Food Conspiracy Co-op on Facebook)

Not only will customers benefit from the addition, but the staff will, too. The expansion plan will stimulate growth for the Co-op while creating new job opportunities for the community.

Beer collab with nearby friends

Just down the street and around the corner, Crooked Tooth Brewing Company just released its Conspiracy Abundance — “an amber ale brewed to malty perfection, with every ingredient carrying just as much intention and meaning as they do flavor.”

Conspiracy Abundance is available on tap at Crooked Tooth Brewing and you can snag one of the limited specialty bottles, which was designed by local artist and Crooked Tooth employee, Sarah Schille, exclusively at the Co-op.

So, if it’s been a while since you’ve stopped in, or perhaps you’ve never peeked your head in before, now is a good time to make a visit.

The Food Conspiracy Co-op is located at 412 N. 4th Ave. For more information, call (520) 624-4821, and to purchase tickets visit foodconspiracy.coop

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