Sam Fox of Fox Restaurant Concepts teams up with Justin Timberlake

A new partnership between Sam Fox, founder of Fox Restaurant Concepts, and Justin Timberlake has come together in the shape of a new restaurant in Nashville.

Here in Tucson, we’re familiar with Fox Restaurant Concepts because of his restaurants Wildflower, Zinburger, Blanco Tacos + Tequila, and Culinary Dropout.

Sam Fox

Photo courtesy of Sam Fox on Instagram

The friendship began at a barbecue Fox was invited to and Timberlake happened to be one of the attendees, too.

“Justin was there and a lot of his people that work with him, business partners,” said Fox. “Just got to know them over a period of time. After getting to know all of them they started to talk about collaborating on something.”

The ideas swirled and the two came up with the new restaurant concept in Nashville called The Twelve Thirty Club, which is based on prohibition-era clubs. Timberlake’s family has a big presence there in Nashville, so opening up the new concept there made sense.

“During prohibition, a lot of the restaurants had to close at a certain time and couldn’t serve liquor anymore,” said Fox. “So, people would go late at night to these clubs that would open at 12:30. You had to be a member, but everyone was a member.”

(Credit: Culinary Dropout)

(Credit: Culinary Dropout)

While The Twelve Thirty Club isn’t as nearby as many had hoped, there’s still plenty of bites to eat, drinks to savor, and fun to be had at one of the four Fox Restaurant Concepts here in Tucson.

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