Tucson Hop Shop unveils its larger seating area, balcony views & nifty decor

"It makes going for a beer more of an adventure."

Over on Dodge Blvd., near The Loop and right behind a feed store that’s got a statue of a horse on the roof, you’ll find the treasure that is the Tucson Hop Shop.

Back in September, the taproom at the Metal Arts Village celebrated its sixth anniversary and opened up the new beer garden expansion that created about an extra 1,300-square-feet for those seeking a craft beer, relaxation, and good times with friends. However, they’ve unveiled an additional 1,200-square-feet indoors.

Tucson Hop Shop

Photo courtesy of Tucson Hop Shop

Owners David Zugerman and Jessie Mance opened the doors to the new area, which features an upstairs lounge/event space — they’re calling it The Emerald Room — that’s got a balcony overlooking the beer garden.

They’re hoping to utilize The Emerald Room for small private parties and education nights, as well as more seating for guests during the busier weekend hours.

Tucson Hop Shop

Photo courtesy of Tucson Hop Shop

“The idea was to create lots of little spaces for guests to discover, each with their own vibe and atmosphere,” said Mance. “It makes going for a beer more of an adventure.”

The downstairs is reminiscent of a room you’d hang out in with some of your closest friends, equipped with a couch, random decorative chairs, a table for a card game or board games, and then a “vintage” cathode ray tube television you’d often see at your grandparent’s home.

There’s no need for an HDTV in this space, being that it already offers plenty of incredible sights and sounds from beer lovers near and far.

Tucson Hop Shop

Photo courtesy of Tucson Hop Shop

The new seating area, which is now accessible from where the beer fridges are located, was something the owners couldn’t pass up once it became available.

“When the space next door became available late last year, we knew it was a ‘now or never’ situation and an incredible opportunity for our business to grow,” said Zugerman.

If it’s been a few months, or if you’ve never been to the Hop Shop, consider checking out its new indoor space and expanding patio, which is filled with desert landscaping, shade sails, neat bike storage, and a dedicated space for live music.

Oh, and grab a free sticker from the counter on your way out.

Tucson Hop Shop is located at 3230 N. Dodge Blvd. For more information, visit tucsonhopshop.com or follow Tucson Hop Shop on Instagram


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