4 December, 2022, 01:10

20 years of handmade tortillas, table-side salsa & margaritas at Guadalajara Original Grill

They're at 5 million tortillas and counting

It’s always a treat to see local restaurants celebrate anniversaries. Whether it be 100 years or a business’ very first anniversary, it’s an important milestone for everyone involved.

Guadalajara Original Grill has hit its 20-year mark and is ready to celebrate all that the restaurant has grown to be throughout the decades.

Owner Emma Vera at Guadalajara Original Grill on Prince Road (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Owner Emma Vera at Guadalajara Original Grill on Prince Road (Credit: Jackie Tran)

How it all began

Owner Emma Vera opened the very first location on Prince Road and the Oracle location followed in its footsteps in 2016. She brought her passion for food, vibrant colors, and Mexican culture with her when she moved to the United States from Guadalajara.

A couple of decades ago, she constructed a menu full of traditional recipes and innovative twists, utilizing crafty seafood dishes and specialty plates to ingrain her Mexican influence into other culinary realms.

Tableside salsa at Guadalajara Original Grill on Prince Road (Credit: Jackie Tran)

“It’s amazing that it’s been 20 years,” said Vera. “I have staff that’s been here for almost that long, too. It’s like a family here and I love being part of the community.”

How it’s been going

Upon entrance, the beautiful murals will definitely grab your attention, but it’s also easy to get distracted by the whiffs of table-side salsa being created right before an eater’s eyes. Or perhaps you’ve caught glances of the freshly-made tortillas flattening out by someone who’s been with the restaurant for nearly 20 years, only to eventually make their way onto someone’s plate — a perfect companion to sop up what’s left behind.

“I’m so proud of everyone that’s been working with us,” said Vera. “We did some math and we make 269,000 tortillas a month. So, if you put it all together for the last 20 years, we’ve made five million tortillas.”

Fresh corn tortillas at Guadalajara Original Grill on Prince Road (Credit: Jackie Tran)

A big shoutout to the community

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Guadalajara Original Grill is hosting a Customer Appreciation Day at both locations on Wednesday, March 16.

There’s going to be 20-percent off menu items, 20-year anniversary t-shirts for sale, and $20 gift cards will be raffled off, too. Are you catching a theme here?

Additionally, there will be live music and the House Margarita will be offered at its original price when the restaurant first opened. You’ll just have to stop by on Customer Appreciation Day to see just how much that is.

Margaritas at Guadalajara Original Grill on Prince Road (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Hours of operation at the Prince location are 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. on Sunday – Thursday and 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The Oracle location is open from 11 a.m – 9 p.m. on Monday – Saturday and 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Guadalajara Original Grill is located at 1220 E Prince Rd. and 7360 N. Oracle Rd. For more information, visit guadalajaraoriginalgrill.com

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