Treat Dad with Monsoon Chocolate’s barrel-aged bon bons & bars this Father’s Day

Golly, what a combination.

Chocolate and whiskey may be the key to the hearts of many, and these sweet treats have arrived just in time for Father’s Day. Sure, dad may not like one of the two but perhaps the flavors of both packaged together will change their mind.

Monsoon Chocolate has spent some time making these confections, too — at least four months — because it all began with tossin’ in some cacao in a Whiskey Del Bac barrel. The rough-ground chocolate took a four-month journey inside a dried whiskey barrel sourced from the local distillery, which was then tempered to create a sensationally rich combo of whiskey and smoke.

Monsoon Chocolate Photo courtesy of Monsoon Chocolate

Chocolate bars and bon bons, oh my. There are two limited-run items to choose from: the Whiskey Del Bac Barrel-Aged Chocolate Bar and Whiskey Del Bac Dorado Bon Bons. The new items can be ordered online and then picked up in-store, or shipped nationwide.

Keep reading and take a gander at the sweet deets if you’re having trouble deciding which one to order (maybe play it safe and order both).

Whiskey Del Bac Barrel-Aged Chocolate Bar

The bar is a 74 percent dark chocolate blend of transparently sourced, fine flavor cocoa beans. Monsoon Chocolate selected these beans for their distinct tasting notes — notes that complement the flavors conveyed from the oak barrels previously used to age Hamilton Distiller’s award-winning Whisky Del Bac Dorado.

Monsoon Chocolate Photo courtesy of Monsoon Chocolate

Using the Scottish model or whiskey-making, Dorado is made from 100 percent barley that is malted and smoked over a velvet mesquite fire, mashed, fermented, copper pot distilled, aged, and bottled on-site. As mentioned earlier, after its four-month waiting period, the chocolate bars are ready for consumption.

To order the chocolate bars, visit

Monsoon Chocolate Photo courtesy of Monsoon Chocolate
Whiskey Del Bac Dorado Bon Bons

The bon bons celebrate Hamilton Distiller’s Whiskey Del Bac Dorado, too, and were made from the same barrel-aged process.

This collection features two different confections to compare and contrast with each other. So, one is a velvety chocolate ganache, which brings the rich and smokey campfire flavors from the Dorado to the stage. The other is a fluid caramel, which highlights the soft tannins and sweeter notes.

Monsoon Chocolate Photo courtesy of Monsoon Chocolate

You can order the bon bons as a four-piece set (two of each flavor) or an eight-piece set (four of each flavor). The four-piece set can be ordered online, as well as the eight-piece set.

The award-winning Monsoon Chocolate, which has been featured in The Washington Post before and was also officially certified by the Tucson City of Gastronomy, is no stranger to making some of the freshest confections that make you think you’re taking a stroll around Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

So, go ahead and treat dad to an award-winning Father’s Day this year.

Monsoon Chocolate is located at 234 E. 22nd St. For more information, visit

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