Foodie 15: Sweet guide to vegan pastries, chocolate & delicious desserts

June 14, 2022
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By Hannah Hernandez
By Hannah Hernandez

15 local and totally vegan treats

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, or just searching for plant-based dessert options, this guide has you covered. Some of the choices on this list may surprise you with their level of buttery creaminess, but I assure you, they’re all vegan.

Tucson’s sweets are seemingly endless — donuts, ice cream, cheesecake, you name it. There’s a sweet confection for any and every one of your cravings. Take a look below at some of the best desserts in Tucson.

Penca Restaurante

50 E. Broadway Blvd.

Penca’s Tarta De Pistachio is plated art. Sweet pasilla de Oaxaca strawberry jam with thick vegan pistachio pastry cream on top of buttery Heirloom Masienda masa shortbread — a masterpiece of ingredients beautifully presented.

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Cal’s Bakeshop

Multiple Locations

With soft, buttery, and fluffy layers, it’s no wonder that Cal’s Bakeshop vegan options are served all over town. From flaky croissant donuts and sweet Berry Coco-Lemon Jam Brioche Donuts featured at Charro Vida to the sticky pull-aparts at Barista Del Barrio, they are all too tempting to pass up.

For more information, follow Cal’s Bakeshop on Instagram

Monsoon Chocolate

234 E. 22nd St.

Delicately and delectably crafted in their looks and unique flavors, Monsoon Chocolate’s vegan bonbons are an impressive feat of creative culinary concoctions. Every bonbon from their vegan selection is a 10/10, but Matcha Sesame Rice Milk, and Masala Chai are particular favorites.

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Houlden’s Rise Above

Multiple locations

Notice all the intricate details that make up every Houlden’s Rise Above pastry. Get your hands on one of Houlden’s Cruffins for an incomparable experience. Find these beautiful pastries all around town and look forward to the Houlden’s Rise Above store-front coming very soon.

Currently, you can locate Houlden’s pastries at Presta Coffee Roasters, Cartel Roasting Co., Coffee Times Drive-Thru, The Korean Rose, Woops! Bakeshop, and Red Captain Coffee Co.

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Renee’s Tucson

7065 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

Tear apart Renee’s velvety, soft vegan Cinnamon & Sugar Sticks and feel instantly comforted. Order them on their own, or enjoy them in Renee’s new sweet and savory Vegan Takeout Box.

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Lovin’ Spoonfuls

2990 N. Campbell Ave. #120

When it comes to summer in Tucson, one of the best ways to cool down is with a shake from Lovin’ Spoonfuls. With over ten flavor options, their take on Orange Creamsicle is an icy blast from the past. It isn’t a complete visit without one of Ashley’s delicious treats and a stacked Wildcat Burger.

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Del Cielo Tamales

3073 N. Campbell Ave.

Many people think that once you go vegan you’ll have to skip out on classic, creamy, rich desserts like cheesecake and leave it behind as nothing more than fond memories of the past. One bite of Del Cielo’s vegan Strawberry Cheesecake will have you turning back into a believer, once again. Order a slice and experience the classic, creamy rich perfection that is Del Cielo.

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HUB Ice Cream Parlor

245 E. Congress St.

Creamy Almond Joy and refreshing Red Berry Sorbet — HUB Ice Cream Parlor’s rotating vegan sorbet and ice cream flavors always hit the spot. Ask for your scoops to be served in a cake cone for that subtly sweet crunch.

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1220 Bakery

Multiple Locations

Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and brownies — all of Chelsea’s delicious baked goods showcase her passion and creativity. Find 1220 Bakery’s whimsical baked goods daily at Tumerico.

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LeCave’s Bakery

3950 E. 22nd St.

LeCave’s Bakery is steeped in Tucson history and culture and with their large vegan donut selection, you can’t go wrong with any of their selection — but let’s face it, the thick fruit-filled fritters are the best.

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Café Maggie on 4th Ave

745 N. Fourth Ave.

Café Maggie on 4th Ave is an ecological family-operated business serving up gooey vegan cinnamon rolls, soft cupcakes, crispy scones, bars, and more. Their coffee drinks can be made to order with creamy vegan milk.

For more information, visit

Tilted Halos

Online ordering & pop-ups

Tilted Halo’s creates unique vegan and gluten-free treats. Follow along for pop-up sales and treat boxes including Javelina Cochitos, Mexican Hot Chocolate Donuts, Dutch Apple Pies, and more.

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The Sweet & Savory Kitchen

613 E. Delano St.

From caramel hazelnut to strawberry cheesecake, Sweet & Savory Kitchen has over 20 delicious vegan ice cream flavors. Their mango jalapeño ice cream is ideal for those looking for a hint of spice.

For more information, follow The Sweet & Savory Kitchen on Instagram.

Churros Inzunza

Rillito Park Farmers Market • 4502 N 1st Ave

Sundays are traditionally for being lazy, but now they’re for Churros Inzunza at Rillito Farmers Market on First Avenue and River Road. Crispy on the outside, soft and melty on the inside, these vegan churros can be served with cinnamon sugar or with your choice of a sauce drizzle.

Keep an eye out for their vegan cinnamon rolls that are sometimes available, and don’t walk away without a vegan horchata.

For more information, follow Churros Inzunza on Instagram

La Estrella Bakery

5266 S. 12th Ave. • 901 N. Grande Ave. • 120 South Avenida del Convento #100

In case you didn’t know, La Estrella’s sugar and glazed donuts are free of animal ingredients and freshly baked each morning. Their regular-sized tortillas and spinach tortillas are also vegan.

For more information, visit

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