30 November, 2022, 22:39

Fat Noodle is closing its brick-and-mortar & will focus on food truck

The noodles are goin' strictly mobile

After a four-year run, the ramen shop Fat Noodle has decided to close up its brick-and-mortar restaurant and will now make the food truck its focal point, which is how the restaurant originally got its start.

Coincidentally, Fat Noodle is closing its doors at 811 E. Wetmore Rd. on Saturday, August 6 — the same exact date it opened in August 2018.

Fat Noodle

Photo courtesy of Fat Noodle on Facebook

The restaurant announced the news on Facebook and Instagram:

“Hey everyone! We’ve had an incredible time serving you at our brick-and-mortar location, but we have decided to shift our full focus to the Fat Noodle food truck. If you’d like to come in and grab your favorite Fat Noodle snack, we will be open during normal hours until Saturday, August 6. Thank you, Tucson for all of your support.”

Fat Noodle

Photo courtesy of Fat Noodle on Facebook

Looking forward, Fat Noodle is still excited to be catering events and is planning on setting up shop at several spots around town like it has been for years.

The food truck made its debut in July 2014 and its from-scratch approach, including noodles made with local Sonoran wheat, has earned a nice following ever since.

There’s more in the works

Now, we know what you’re thinking. What about Rae’s Classics?

This is the ghost kitchen that serves up burgers and fries inside the same building as Fat Noodle. Well, the menu is actually hittin’ the streets in the very near future as well, so keep an eye out for a new Rae’s Classics food truck.

Rae's Classics Burgers, Fries and Pies

Photo courtesy of Rae’s Classics Burgers, Fries, and Pies

Again, you’ve got until Saturday, August 6 to stop by the brick-and-mortar and order a bowl of ramen, the super unique Ramen Burger, or a classic burger from Rae’s (online orders only) before the two restaurants exclusively hit the road around the Old Pueblo.

Fat Noodle is located at 811 E. Wetmore Rd. For more information, visit fnramen.com. For more information on how to order up a burger and fries from Rae’s Classics, visit raesburgers.com

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