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Eating your way around Broadway Boulevard’s ‘Sunshine Mile’

In the past couple of years, it’s likely you’ve driven down Broadway Boulevard, between Euclid and Country Club Road, and mumbled to yourself, “Jeez Louise, is this road construction ever going to be finished?”

Well, the time is now and the improvement project happening along Sunshine Mile (it’s actually two miles) wrapped up with a “completion celebration” on Thursday, October 27.

Caputo Raviolo at Falora (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Caputo Raviolo at Falora (Credit: Jackie Tran)

During this time of asphalt-laying and concrete-pouring mayhem, many businesses held their ground and new ideas sprouted up as well. One of the newcomers to the block will be the Historic Bungalow Block between Cherry and Warren Avenue. The completion date is still undetermined but, once complete, it’s destined to become a popular food hub.

So, whether you’ve been avoiding the area or just don’t travel to that neck of the woods very often, we want to shine a light on the local restaurants and bars found along Sunshine Mile. Here’s a big cheers to them and their resilience.

Barrio Bread

18 S. Eastbourne Ave.
Heritage loaves at Barrio Bread (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Heritage loaves at Barrio Bread (Credit: Jackie Tran)

After three nominations, Don Guerra of Barrio Bread won the James Beard Award for “Outstanding Baker.” The road construction couldn’t bring Guerra down, though — not one bit. If fact, the biggest traffic jam along Sunshine Mile may be the line of fans waiting to grab a loaf outside of the bread shop.

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For more information, visit barriobread.com

Bisbee Breakfast Club

2936 E. Broadway Blvd.
Photo courtesy of Bisbee Breakfast Club

Photo courtesy of Bisbee Breakfast Club

If you’re looking for some straight-up diner food and vibes, Bisbee Breakfast Club is here for you. Chances are you’ve eaten at the other locations in Tucson or even the original, in Bisbee of all places. The Chicken Fried Steak goes well with a Brass Monkey (a large orange juice and a tallboy can of Mickey’s).

For more information, visit bisbeebreakfastclub.com


3000 E. Broadway Blvd.
Za Zucca Pizza at Falora (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Za Zucca Pizza at Falora (Credit: Jackie Tran)

This excellent pizza joint serves up several pizzas that’ll warm your heart. At Falora, the Za Zucca goes full vegan with a combination of butternut squash puree, zucchini, garlic, sage, and grated Brazil nuts. The butternut squash puree provides the sauciness with a touch of warm spice, the zucchini adds texture and body, and the garlic and sage complement the squash puree.

Plus, if you bring the team a vinyl record to spin between 4 – 5 p.m. daily, they’ll award you with a bottle of wine.

For more information, visit falora.com

Kimchi Time

2900 E. Broadway Blvd.
Assorted food at Kimchi Time

Assorted food at Kimchi Time (Credit: Jackie Tran)

If you’re looking to add to your Asian food knowledge, sample excellent versions of classic Korean dishes, or simply try something new, make your way to Kimchi Time. The casual dining spot can be found in the same parking lot of Laff’s Comedy Clubno joke. 

For more information, follow Kimchi Time on Instagram

Kiss of Smoke BBQ

663 S. Plumer Ave.
Bell Ringer Plate at Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Bell Ringer Plate at Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering (Credit: Jackie Tran)

While cruisin’ down the newly paved Broadway Boulevard, take a detour on Plumer Avenue where a barbecue lover’s paradise awaits you. The menu offers many standard barbecue joint options, but the team takes pride in their house-made rubs and sauces — chock full of secret ingredients, of course. Meats are smoked with pecan and cherry wood for a milder smoke taste, while chicken includes mesquite in the wood mix.

For more information, visit kissofsmokebbq.com

Laverna’s Coffee Shop

220 S. Plumer Ave.
Pancakes at Laverna's (Credit: David)

Pancakes at Laverna’s (Credit: David)

Along with Bisbee Breakfast Club, this joint adds another breakfast diner along Sunshine Mile. There’s a lot to say about this spot down Plumer Avenue. One thing’s for sure, though, and it’s that you shouldn’t overlook their pancakes.

For more information, visit Laverna’s Coffee Shop on Facebook

Ombre Coffee

2936 E. Broadway Blvd.
Ombre Coffee cold brew (Credit: Adilene Ibarra)

Ombre Coffee cold brew (Credit: Adilene Ibarra)

Sometimes you need to get a little amped in the morning and Ombre Coffee has that desired caffeine kick. Actually, it doesn’t have to be in the morning because they’re open until 2 p.m. daily. Go ahead, add a little extra “pump” to your afternoon.

For more information, visit ombrecoffee.com

Rocco’s Little Chicago

2707 E. Broadway Blvd.
Deep Dish Slice at Rocco's Little Chicago (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Deep Dish Slice at Rocco’s Little Chicago (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Pizza, wings, beer, and even some quirky messages out on the marquee sign. That particular combination of food and fun never stopped throughout the Sunshine Mile’s facelift. The pizza joint made the best out of certain situations over the last couple of years, and now with no obstacles to get into their parking lot, Rocco’s is ready to rock.

For more information, visit roccoslittlechicago.com.

Roma Imports

627 S. Vine Ave.
Roma Imports (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Roma Imports (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Located on South Vine, just around the corner or two from the Padre Kino statue on South Kino Parkway and East 15th Street, Roma Imports offers a world of food, although it might be better to say world of worldly food. And while the majority of the offerings are Italian, you can also find a variety of quiches, chicken paprikash, bratwurst, and much more.

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For more information, visit romaimports.com


139 S. Eastbourne Ave.
(Credit: Sidecar)

(Credit: Sidecar)

Since opening in 2014, Sidecar has been slinging craft cocktails to Midtown Tucson in the historic Broadway Village. So, grab a drink, hang out on the patio, strike up a conversation with a stranger, and walk over to Desert Island Records so you can spend a bunch of money on new and used vinyl records.

For more information, visit barsidecar.com

Silver Room

673 S. Plumer Ave.


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Cheap beer, friendly regulars, live music, and games of pool make the Silver Room a great place to spend a low-key night out. It’s a Tucson classic at its best.

For more information, follow Silver Room on Facebook

Sushi Cho Restaurant

1830 E. Broadway Blvd.
Poki Salad at Sushi Cho (Credit: Shana Gegantoca)

Poki Salad at Sushi Cho (Credit: Shana Gegantoca)

You’ve most likely seen this place in the shopping center near the corner of Campbell and Broadway Boulevard. For only $9, the Poki Salad at Sushi Cho is one fresh must-try.

For more information, follow Sushi Cho on Facebook

Sushi Garden

3048 E. Broadway Blvd.
Photo courtesy of Sushi Garden on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Sushi Garden on Facebook

When you pick up the menu at Sushi Garden, it’s apparent that there’s a lot goin’ on there. The team is serving up sushi, sashimi, seafood, tempura, teriyaki, vegetarian options, and much more. They’ve also got a nice bar if you’re looking for something simple like edamame and a cold beer while watching some sports on the TVs.

For more information, visit sushigarden.com

Tooley’s Cafe

299 S. Park Ave.

Photo by Isaac Stockton

Tooley’s Cafe has had an established reputation for its shredded turkey tacos and burritos, shady patio, walk-up window, and fluffed-up chocolate chip cookies since it opened in 1989 under Ron Schwabe’s ownership. Now, with Ron’s wife Patricia Schwabe at the helm, Tooley’s has sights set on expansion.

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For more information, follow Tooley’s Cafe on Facebook

Welcome Diner

902 E. Broadway Blvd.
(Credit: Welcome Diner)

(Credit: Welcome Diner)

Hey, we really like this place. We think they should reopen soon. The restaurant has been temporarily closed for a couple of years now, but there’s still hope the doors will once again open. Keep an eye on this one as you drive up and down Broadway Boulevard.

For more information, visit welcomediner.net

Zemam’s Ethiopian Cuisine

2731 E. Broadway Blvd.

Photo courtesy of Zemam’s Ethiopian Cuisine

The original Zemam’s Ethiopian Cuisine location at 2731 E. Broadway Blvd., which is temporarily closed, has plans to expand its restaurant with a new patio and a bar that’ll highlight international sports. Meanwhile, pay a visit to Zemam’s Too on Speedway near Sixth Avenue.

For more information, visit zemamsrestaurants.com

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