3 December, 2022, 19:40

Comin’ in hot! Bisbee Breakfast Club & Jabari Sauce reveal new hot sauce collab

There’s a chance you’ve seen the bottles of hot sauce at some of your favorite local restaurants, or maybe you’ve seen them for sale at local businesses like Wooden Tooth Records. Point is, the local Jabari Sauce is a hot item here in Tucson.

Another popular business in town: Bisbee Breakfast Club. Beginning on Monday, November 21, the restaurant is rolling out its very first collaboration hot sauce with Jabari Sauce, the Bisbee Breakfast Sauce.

Bisbee Breakfast Club and Jabari Sauce collaboration (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Bisbee Breakfast Club and Jabari Sauce collaboration (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

“The new sauce is fantastic”, said Terry Kyte, owner of Bisbee Breakfast Club and Ombre Coffee. “First thing that comes to mind is that it’s versatile. It’s well-balanced, as any sauce should be. It’s milder than most red sauces currently out there, I think. Early on in development, one of the things that I expressed to Peter of Jabari Sauce was that I wanted to move away from the trend of extreme heat. They accomplished a good balance on that as well. The two main tasting notes I get are a tomato-earthiness (although there are no tomatoes in the ingredients) and a grill-charred smokiness. I think this makes it a great tool to add extra depth of flavor to whatever you want to put it on.”

Right now, you can try Bisbee Breakfast Sauce at all locations in Tucson, and soon it’ll be available to purchase online via Jabari Sauce’s website (keep an eye out for when the new sauce drops).

Kyte, who’s a big hot sauce fan, is always trying out new sauces to bring into Bisbee Breakfast Club, especially local hot sauces. Over the years, he’s dabbled in making his own sauces but crossed paths with Jabari. He purchased several bottles and gave them a test run at Bisbee Breakfast Club’s Broadway location — they couldn’t keep them in stock.

“We then rolled it out to all the Tucson and Marana stores and it’s been gangbusters ever since,” said Kyte. “After such awesome guest feedback, I figured these guys knew what they were doing and reached out to Peter to see if they’d be interested in coming up with a new custom sauce for the restaurant. They were interested. We discussed things that we both would be looking for in a new sauce. Peter made all the magic happen. All I did was taste a s___-ton of hot sauce.”

Bisbee Breakfast Club and Jabari Sauce collaboration (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Bisbee Breakfast Club and Jabari Sauce collaboration (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

So, stop by a Bisbee Breakfast Club location, order your favorite meal (mine is the Chicken Fried Steak), and then pile on the new Bisbee Breakfast Sauce. Use it in such large quantities that the neighboring table gets a whiff and follows suit.

In Tucson, Bisbee Breakfast Club is located at 2936 E. Broadway Blvd., 410 N. Wilmot Rd. #110, 4811 E. Sunrise Dr. #165, and 13864 N. Sandario Rd. in Marana. For more information, visit bisbeebreakfastclub.com. For more information on Jabari Sauce, visit jabarisauce.com

If you’re looking for an ultimate hot sauce shopping experience, check out the “Wall of Heat” at Tucson Tamale Company’s Oracle Road location

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