5 Local holiday beers (and a cider) you've gotta try before they're gone

By Matt Sterner
December 22, 2022

For some, 2022 seemed to fly by faster than a toupee in a hurricane.

The holidays are in full swing here in Tucson with dinner reservations filling up fast, holiday cocktails warming bellies, and some local businesses gearin' up to open their doors on Christmas day. Plus, a lot of things are limited around this time of year and that includes holiday brews.

Photo by KoolShooters
Photo by KoolShooters

Here's a list of a few festive beers you oughta try before they're gone. We also included a holiday cider to keep you warm this winter.

Also, pay attention to each spot's holiday hours as that is likely limited, too.

Warm Mulling Pear Cider - Bawker Bawker Cider House

400 N. Fourth Ave.

The Warm Mulling Pear Cider is served warm and if they've already sold out of the delicious beverage, take several sips of their other ciders like the Orange Spice Cider Slushie.

For more information, follow Bawker Bawer on Instagram

Elf Tears Stout - Blackrock Brewers

1664 S. Research Loop #200

This holiday stout has hints of chocolate, peppermint, and marshmallow. Make sure you toss a candy cane in it to get the full effect.

For more information, follow BlackRock Brewers on Instagram

Imperial Churro Cream Ale - Borderlands Brewing Company

119 E. Toole Ave.

This incredible brew just came out this week and comes in at 8.2% ABV. Head over soon to try the bready, toasted, and cinnamon flavors of the holidays.

For more information, follow Borderlands Brewing Company on Instagram

Ponderosa Pale Ale - Catalina Brewing Company

6918 N. Camino Martin

This jolly beer is on tap now and comes in at 5.9% ABV. It's infused with juniper terpenes so it'll for sure take you on a trip to a winter wonderland. Oh, and it "smells and tastes like the forest."

For more information, follow Catalina Brewing on Instagram

The IJBC Bock - Iron John's Brewing Company

555 E. 18th St. • 222 E. Congress St.

Nothin' says Christmas like some nuts roastin' over an open fire. Iron John's new Bock is a dark, malty lager with hints of toasted nuts. According to the brewery, it's the "perfect beer to enjoy during chilly Sonoran nights."

For more information, follow Iron John's Brewing on Instagram

Cranberry Apple Phantasie Double IPA (infusion) - Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

115 E. Broadway Blvd.

The downtown taproom is currently serving up this infusion. Also, they've only got one keg so stop by sooner than later. They're offering it in a 32-ounce crowler, too.

For more information, follow Pueblo Vida Brewing on Instagram

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