Hotdog Hundred Hike: Muralist Joe Pagac teams up with the Community Food Bank

"Together, we can all be wieners."

The sun’s out and the buns will be out, too. Consider this your weather forecast for March when The Hotdog Hundred Hike hits the trails.

The long, 100-mile hike along the Arizona Trail, hosted by local muralist Joe Pagac, is happening on Wednesday, March 15 – Sunday, March 19 and will benefit the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank. Oh, and most importantly, you’ve gotta dress up like a hotdog.

Photo courtesy of The Hotdog Hundred Hike

Photo courtesy of The Hotdog Hundred Hike

The 100-mile hike is around 20 miles a day and as Pagac describes, it’s going to be “tough and fun and the adventure of a lifetime.”

“This is happening because I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail last year and fell in love with hiking,” said Pagac. I was hiking in costumes the second half and had jokingly asked if anyone was up to hike dressed as hotdogs with me in Oregon. I had no takers, so I decided I would do it myself when I got back home to Tucson. Then I decided I might as well do it as a spectacle to raise money for charity. The Food Bank seemed like a good fit, and I really feel it is a good cause.”

Photo courtesy of The Hotdog Hundred Hike

Photo courtesy of The Hotdog Hundred Hike

If you’re up for the challenging weenie walk, you can sign up now online and if you’d rather give back without hiking, you can donate online as well.

However, if the Hotdog Hundred Hike is right up your alley, Pagac has even drawn out a map so you can prepare and equip the proper sneakers for the trek.

The Hotdog Hundred Hike Schedule

Wednesday, MARCH 15
18.6 miles

The hike starts at 7 a.m. Start at mile 103.1 on the FarOut map. You will need to get a ride/carpool out there. You won’t need to stay together with the group and you can hike your own hike. Everyone is expected to be a self-sufficient hiker. Meet at La Posta Quemada Ranch for camping in the evening.

Thursday, MARCH 16
22 miles

There is a lot of elevation gain. Manning camp is in the National Park so you will need to camp in a designated campground with everyone else on this night.

Friday, MARCH 17
21.4 miles

You’ll hike from Manning camp to the Campground at Molino Basin. This campground is on a road and they’ll have the Group campsite reserved. There are multiple other sites that are first come first served. You may need some cash to grab these but we will send some people up to try to grab them as well.

Saturday, March 18
21-23 miles

Everyone will hike up to the top of Mount Lemmon using the AZT Blue Alternate Route, which splits off at Bug Spring. Dispersed camping is allowed up there and there are campsites and cabins as well if you would like to reserve one in advance for yourself or to share.

Sunday, March 19
15-17 miles

Pagac is working on arranging an end-of-hike celebration/barbecue/Hotdog Grillout at Catalina State Park or someplace near.

Also, if you’d rather do a shorter hike, take a look at the route and see if there is a day you would like to tag along for a one-day stretch.

For more information and to register for the hike, visit and keep up with the latest by following Hotdog Hikes on Instagram. Also, don’t forget you can still donate without hitting the trails by visiting

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