Cuppa GoGo is celebrating its first anniversary with BOGO deals & more

February 17, 2023
By Matt Sterner

"Make it a GoGo!"

With specialty beverages like the Abuelita — a rich chocolate spice-flavored French pressed coffee topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cookie crumbles, and cinnamon — and a Tres Leches perk-me-up coffee, Cuppa GoGo has plenty of options to get you doing jumping jacks in no time.

Photo courtesy of Cuppa GoGo on Facebook

It’s hard to believe they’ve only been serving drinks in Tucson for a year.

“The most exciting part about our first year in business is seeing all of the support from the community firsthand,” said Emery Van Gilder of Cuppa GoGo. “We were able to build a loyal customer base from nothing in a year and we wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for our supportive community.”

One-year anniversary celebration

Cuppa GoGo is celebrating its very first anniversary on Sunday, February 19 all day at The Pit, 7889 E 22nd St. They’ll be offering buy-one-get-one beverages and with each purchase, you’ll be entered into a raffle with the ultimate prize of Cuppa GoGo swag.

For our anniversary we really just want to give back to the customers to show them just how much we appreciate everyone’s support throughout this last year,” said Van Gilder. “No matter what was going on with us or our location, we always had community support.”

The team behind Cuppa GoGo does their best to keep it local, too, using Filthy Pirate Coffee Company’s roasts (low-acid coffee for those with acid reflux issues) and even creating their own whipped cream and syrups.

“Making all of our sauces and syrups in-house is one of the most important and unique parts of Cuppa Gogo, but you also can’t have the full experience if you haven’t had our whipped cream,” said Van Gilder. “We also do French press coffee and have our version of an ‘extra shot’ that makes the coffee experience different than other coffee shops.”

Photo courtesy of Cuppa GoGo on Facebook

If coffee isn’t your friend or caffeine gives you the shakes, Cuppa GoGo also has non-coffee items that like Slooshies (their version of a slushy), lemonades, teas, and cream sodas.

The future is bright

Looking ahead, the coffee truck would love to expand into a brick-and-mortar location, a space that’s “fun and inviting.” Plus, adding another mobile unit is on their radar so they’re able to host more events and catering.

In the coming months, keep an eye out for more monthly flavors, too, and even some fun merchandise like stickers — everyone with a hydro flask loves stickers!

“We just want to reiterate how appreciative we are for all the support from the community, the coffee community, and the food truck community,” said Van Gilder. “We also want to thank everyone for being open to trying new things and different versions of the coffee flavors they know and love.”

Photo courtesy of Cuppa GoGo on Facebook

So, stop by on Sunday, February 19 because they’ll be celebrating their anniversary at The Pit, which is located on the corner of 22nd Street and Pantano Road.

For more information, visit and follow Cuppa GoGo on Facebook and Instagram

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