Chef Devon Sanner & Chef Ken Foy (Photos by Jackie Tran)

Iron Chef Tucson 2023: Chef Ken Foy & Chef Devon Sanner to battle it out

May 22, 2023
By Matt Sterner

Last summer, chef Ken Foy of Dante’s Fire was crowned as champion of Iron Chef Tucson 2022. Ever since then, he’s been going about his business at the restaurant — dishin’ out meals left and right — and wondering who he’ll be challenging at this year’s Iron Chef Tucson.

Well, after a heated battle this past weekend at “Meet the Chefs,” chef Devon Sanner came out on top, securing his spot at the big competition in July.

“I’m thrilled about the win at Meet the Chefs and tremendously proud of my crew,” said Sanner, co-owner and chef at Zio Peppe. “In my heart of hearts, I’m a collaborative cook more so than a competitive cook, but events, like Meet the Chefs, give me the opportunity for both. It was also very gratifying to see that our food really resonated with so many folks at Meet the Chefs — folks who haven’t yet discovered us. And of course, it’s always a blast to see my sistren and brethren of the Tucson restaurant scene and share the love and support. I’m stoked to have the chance to square off with chef Ken and Dante’s Fire crew at Iron Chef Tucson finals in July. Ken always brings bold flavors and creativity to his dishes, so I’ll be running the gauntlet with my team over the next several weeks to prepare.”

Chef Devon Sanner & Chef Ken Foy (Photo by Shane Reiser)

“I’m delighted and honored to have a great team that executed well and put us in a position to win, and I’m grateful to the rest of my crew who were busy making everything run smoothly at the restaurant while we were competing.”

Speaking of the restaurant, Zio Peppe is now an official Tucson Foodie Restaurant Partner, meaning all Foodie 500 members can snag delicious deals.

Regarding the upcoming Iron Chef Competition, chef Foy commented, “I am honored and humbled to represent Tucson again at this year’s Iron Chef Competition. As my team and I prepare for the upcoming challenge of the elusive repeat, our goal is to defend the title. Devon and his team have our utmost respect and I’m sure we will both strive to give Tucson an exciting competition.”

Iron Chef Tucson is expected to take place on Saturday, July 22 at Casino Del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd. Ticket sales will be available soon. For more information, visit

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