Stoney Summer Supper: Cannabis-Infused Dinner with Chef Ken Foy (MENU)

September 15, 2023
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By Chrissy Mance
By Shane Reiser

Two-time reigning champ of Tucson’s Iron Chef and culinary mastermind Ken Foy is no stranger to high-stakes competition. But on Friday, September 29, his dinner guests will be treated to a different type of high.

Rounding out Tucson Foodie’s and Tucson Doobie’s cannabis-infused dinner club, the Stoney Summer Supper Series, chef Ken Foy (owner of Dante’s Fire) will be presenting a five-course expertly crafted and boundary-pushing culinary adventure. By experimenting with cannabis as an ingredient, he’s taking cooking to a whole new level. But don’t worry, he’s not just throwing random buds into every dish.

Photo of the Fourth Course: Coffee Crusted Duroc Pork Tenderloin (Iron Chef Tucson Winning Dish!)
Coffee Crusted Duroc Pork Tenderloin (Iron Chef Tucson Winning Dish). Full dinner menu below (Photo by Chrissy Mance)

Ken Foy’s creativity lies in carefully crafting recipes that incorporate cannabis in a way that enhances the flavors and elevates the dining experience. And this late summer night will feature chef Ken at his finest: pushing the envelope of culinary innovation by offering dishes that include siphoned cannabis flower.

“It’s more than a dinner,” said Foy. “I am utilizing some cannabis flower from Downtown Dispensary, that’s high in the terpene caryophyllene, and that flavor will be siphoned through a rich tomato broth I created for a course highlighting beef cheek.”

Dinner guests will be treated to the live show of cannabis siphoning, headed by chef Ken Foy himself.

Don’t expect that to be the final show-stopper, chef Foy is also planning a course utilizing smoke-filled domed plates, a course that pays homage to the film “Half Baked,” and even a winning dish from the Iron Chef 2023 Competition will make an appearance.

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Seating is very limited, just 15 General Admission tickets and eight VIP tickets are offered. VIP includes early entry (6 p.m.), a welcoming mocktail, an amuse-bouche, and private time with chef Ken Foy at an intimate chef’s table. The location’s details are sent to ticketed guests only, but the location is only a couple miles north of the University.

Stoney Summer Supper Menu

Chef Ken Foy’s Cannabis-Infused Culinary Adventure

Imagine the perfect balance of cannabis-infused ingredients blending harmoniously with traditional flavors, resulting in dishes that are as delicious as they are daring. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other.

VIP Amuse Bouche
  • Beef Rillettes Canapé – pickled red peppers, truffle aioli
First Course
  • Twice Baked, Thrice Fried – fingerling potato, smoked rockfish canapés, smokey dome; infused with Abstrakt Kitchen Meyer Lemon Olive Oil
Second Course
  • I Killed Butterstuff – brown butter roasted mushrooms, butter poached lobster vinaigrette, butter lettuce, shaved truffle cheese; infused with distillate from Downtown Dispensary
Third Course
  • The SiphonatorSous vide beef cheek, red pepper pudding, tomato and caryophyllene terpene, cannabis elixir, baby vegetables; infused with Abstrakt Kitchen Balanced Olive Oil
Fourth Course
  • Coffee-Crusted Duroc Pork Tenderloin (Iron Chef Tucson Winning Dish!) – butternut risotto, peanut butter molasses, demi glaze, cannabis leaf; infused with Abstrakt Kitchen Bacon Olive Oil
Fifth Course
  • Not Your Mom’s Pot Brownie – chocolate decadence, walnut crumble, chocolate ganache, fluff

The dinner will be paired with selected cocktails crafted by mixologist Max Wingert and will feature PARCH’s Spiced Pinarita, a bold combination of Blue Weber Agave, prickly pear, spicy Mole bitters, and a proprietary blend of adaptogens.

Guests are also treated to gift bags, containing products from our sponsors: OGeez Brand Edibles, Downtown Dispensary, i.o. Extracts, iLAVA, zenzona, Envie Macaroon Edibles, Hemp Essence Beauty/Divine Elements, Simply Professional Formula.

Supporting partners include: Abstrakt Kitchen/Queen Creek Olive Mill, PARCH, and Shamrock Foods.

Tucson Doobie is the spunky sister brand of Tucson Foodie and offers cannabis-infused dinners, cannabis yoga, and more. Follow them on Instagram. Questions about the dinner? Reach out directly to Chrissy Mance at

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