Solstice Gin 2023 (Photo courtesy of Suncliffe Gin)

Suncliffe Gin & Whiskey Del Bac Collab for a Barrel-Aged Gin

November 17, 2023
By Matt Sterner

The time has come! On Friday, November 17, Suncliffe Gin launched its brand-new barrel-aged gin — Solstice Gin — which is limited to just 600 bottles.

Here in Tucson, when we hear the term “barrel-aged,” many of us immediately think about Whiskey Del Bac, our beloved local distillery nestled near I-10 and Grant Road. Well, if this sounds like you then you’re right because Suncliffe rested its new Solstice Gin in Whiskey Del Bac’s mesquite casks.

“It’s exciting to work with such an iconic Tucson distillery that has paved the way for and shone a light on distilled spirits coming out of Arizona,” said Ryan Lawrence of Suncliffe Gin.

Solstice Gin offers a new perspective on Suncliffe’s unique blend of Arizona botanicals. Suncliffe shared that the new gin is a “hue evocative of Sedona’s golden aura, this seasonal offering from Suncliffe invites you to explore a higher plane and enjoy the view. With a smooth mouth feel and grilled stone fruit on the palette, Suncliffe Solstice evokes dehydrated petals and carbonic toffee, giving way to the aroma of desert woods and sweet petrichor.”

“For this first iteration of the Suncliffe x Del Bac we wanted to start at the beginning of the Del Bac library with the Classic and Dorado,” Byrne added. “What is bottled is a blend of the two that complements our unique botanical profile best. It’s truly a special spirit.”

Where Buy a Bottle or Taste Solstice Gin

Suncliffe’s Solstice Gin is available now online for $54.99 and at select retailers in Arizona. Here in Tucson, you can find the new gin for sale at Westbound (267 S. Avenida del Convento #12), Tap & Bottle North (7254 N. Oracle Rd), Tap & Bottle Downtown (403 N. Sixth Ave. #135), Rum Runner (131 E. First St.), and Roy’s Corner Liquor (647 S. Sixth Ave.). 

So far, Hotel Congress at 311 E. Congress St. and Juniper at 222 E. Congress St. have the Solstice Gin on hand, so ask ’em for a crafty cocktail.

More About Suncliffe Gin
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(Photo courtesy of Suncliffe Gin)

Suncliffe highlights local plant species, combining a trio of native Arizona juniper — one-seed, shaggy, and alligator — with a blend of wild-foraged botanicals, including ponderosa pine bark, manzanita, and western elderflower. The gin is vapor-infused in custom copper stills and non-chill filtered, resulting in a botanical twist on the classic spirit that sparks the imagination—a postcard from the Southwest.

Suncliffe is a woman and LGBTQ-owned and operated business supporting local communities. With this new release, Suncliffe continues its mission to showcase the unique botanicals of the Southwest and challenge traditional notions of gin.

Again, if you’re interested in buying a bottle of the new Solstice Gin, don’t drag your feet because it’s limited to just 600 bottles.

For more information on Suncliffe Gin and where to find a bottle, visit

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