Jess Luse

Jess Luse started working at Tucson Village Farm ten years ago as a college intern, and she has found ways to stay involved ever since. Jess currently works as their Community Outreach and Development Coordinator. She’s the gal behind the TVF newsletters, social media accounts, and delights in connecting the farm with the Tucson community at large.
Jess also works as a yoga teacher at Yoga Oasis! She’s led over thirty weeklong yoga retreats (join her in Costa Rica this December!), guided thousands of public yoga classes, and curated various workshops, all around the globe. She currently teaches 3 times a week at Yoga Oasis Central. Find her there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Jess enjoys cooking nourishing meals for loved ones and tapping into her creative side through a wide variety of modalities: music, movement, dance, creative journaling, decorating, and more! She’s a people person, a dog lover, and unfortunately has more passions than she has time.


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